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While all sectors of society are paying attention to whether the floor of Anxin project is "toxic", more and more decoration quality problems of hardbound houses have surfaced. If it were not for this "floor door", the troubles of many hardbound house owners would not have attracted much attention. You don't have to decorate and carry your bag to buy a house, which is really a worry and effort-saving job for office workers who work from nine to five. However, the word "fine" in fine decoration refers to "fine house decoration" or "smart developers". Maybe there is a question mark. To this end, the reporter invited people from the building materials, real estate, housing inspection institutions and other industries to ask about the decoration of hardbound houses, aiming to let the majority of home buyers see more transparent and standardized hardbound houses

1 ask

whose money does hardbound housing save

hardbound houses in Foshan have been gradually popularized in the past two years. For example, among the more than ten projects that Vanke is currently selling and has sold in Foshan, not only the projects on sale have basically achieved hardbound house delivery. The proportion of hardbound houses in the projects that are on sale and have been sold by CNOOC real estate and Country Garden Group in Foshan is also very high. In addition, some foreign developers who are new to Foshan market have also brought fine decoration products to local buyers

according to li e, assistant general manager of E-House China Foshan company, brand developers have their own advantages in promoting hardbound houses in Foshan. He believes that the development of hardbound houses in Foshan is relatively backward, but developers like Vanke have a mature practice in the relatively simple material bidding and procurement of hardbound houses, and it is easier to save costs after large-scale procurement

from the perspective of large-scale construction and procurement, the biggest beneficiary of cost savings should be the owner. In addition, the purchase of hardbound houses can reduce the economic pressure of owners' decoration, which is conducive to promoting owners to buy larger house types. From these two aspects, hardbound houses are beneficial to both developers and owners

"fine decoration is a gift, but it is also included in the property price." Fu zujun, director of Sanxing decoration region in Foshan, said that the decoration standard of rough houses originally worth 6000 yuan/m2, plus 2000 yuan/m2, has become 8000 yuan/m2. Whether the specific decoration effect and quality can reach 2000 yuan/m2 is questionable

2 ask

why is the decoration list vague

although the decoration standards and the brands of cabinets, sanitary wares, etc. given away will be marked in the model rooms of many real estate projects now, the brands, specifications, models and grades of decoration materials and accessories are generally not indicated in the sales contracts. Or just mark "famous brand Kitchenware and bathroom" for cabinets and bathroom

Mr. Liu believes that the ambiguity of the material notes is because the developer can only determine the purchase intention during the later construction when selling the building. If some materials are out of stock or shut down halfway, or even the supplier has problems, it is possible to replace the materials

Jiang Sheng said that when the house was not decorated, the developer only estimated the general standard of decoration, and had not bid and pressed the price of some building materials manufacturers, so it was not natural to announce the brands, models and specifications of these materials. Even if the purchase of building materials is determined in advance, the products are likely to be different from retail products, and the specifications, models and grades cannot be specified. Developers should also keep room for manoeuvre. Once the brand specifications and models of decoration materials are announced, changing materials halfway is a breach of the contract and compensation should be made

if the bill of materials says "famous brand", but it is not clear, the owner will appear passive. Even if we understand the difficulties of developers, vague decoration standards also bring opportunities to cut corners. Who will supervise this aspect


why can't hardbound houses provide home buyers with decoration package options

for many consumers who buy hardbound houses, after choosing a unit of a certain house type and floor, they sign the house purchase contract and agree to its decoration standards. Why can't the vast majority of hardbound houses provide owners with diversified package options at present

Fu zujun: for developers, providing a variety of package options undoubtedly increases the cost, and more importantly, it brings cost uncertainty when selling buildings. After all, developers are not professional decoration design companies, and the requirements of home buyers are different, so it is difficult for developers to meet the requirements of home buyers

Jiang Sheng: when buying a building, the owner mainly depends on the location, convenient transportation, maturity of community environment, degree, community greening, etc., and finally considers the indoor decoration. Therefore, developers will not give too much consideration to operations that are not controllable and have no obvious return. At present, the real estate industry has not yet competed to the extent that it needs to perform in a personalized space to enhance its competitiveness

li e: in the process of hardbound housing, it is difficult for developers to provide personalized decoration packages, which should be developed from the perspective of humanization and detail. As developers have a better understanding of the functions and use of the residential space of property buyers than ordinary building materials merchants, developers should provide more convenient building materials and decoration standards for property buyers, which is a major direction that developers need to think and explore

4 ask

how much is the quality difference between special construction materials and retail products

in the "floor door" of Anxin, which has attracted much attention recently, someone reported that the multilayer solid wood composite floor provided by Anxin to developers was only 115 yuan/m2. The reporter found that this price is only half of the price of similar products in Anxin floor retail stores, and the 12m thick engineering floor is also thinner than that in retail. With such a big price difference, what's the difference in quality

Tang zhaoqun: there is no problem with the thickness of multi-layer solid wood composite floor from 9 to 15mm. As for the quality, it depends on what kind of products each manufacturer provides. If the price of solid wood composite floor is really 115 yuan/square meter, there is almost no profit. If there are good rules of the market game, the result will be good. But you can't be a bad person just because the rules of the game are broken

Huang Jianming: some relocated houses in Foshan have also been carefully decorated. The supply price of cabinets with a length of about 1.5 linear meters has been pressed to more than 600 yuan, which is equivalent to the ex factory price of general cabinets per linear meter, and the quality is naturally not good. We receive several orders of cabinet replacement from hardbound house owners every month, which can be seen from this. We have proposed a package plan for developers to let owners choose different levels of cabinets. At the beginning, everyone thought it was feasible, but the specific implementation would involve the interests of some people, and it was difficult to implement in the end

Jiang Sheng: some suppliers will comprehensively consider the needs of major customers and customize building materials. Price is also a major factor in the quality of building materials. The price is too low. Even well-known manufacturers can only reduce production costs, resulting in a decline in quality. Usually, the orders of some major customers are directly delivered to the construction site at one time, and only need to pass the factory inspection and the inspection of the developer. The retail building materials should be inspected and supervised by many parties, which will at least be more guaranteed

5 ask

how much "moisture" is there

at present, the hardbound standard of some buildings in Foshan is mostly 1500-2000 yuan/square meter, and even the decoration standard of some apartments is as high as 3000 yuan/square meter. Is there "moisture" in it

Fu zujun: according to our experience, some fine decoration with decoration standards of 1500 yuan/square meter and 2000 yuan/square meter cannot achieve the desired effect. Although the decoration materials are all famous brands, there are many kinds of famous brand products. For example, ceramic tiles of the same model are divided into first-class products and qualified products, and the quality is different. If the decoration standard is based on the model room with curtains and wallpaper as a reference, it is more reasonable

Jiang Sheng: we have experienced a house in Zhujiang New Town, whose decoration is claimed to be 3500 yuan/square meter, but our house inspector has found many quality problems, and the materials used are only general brands. In fact, in addition to materials, decoration workers also play a very important role in the decoration effect. The decoration standard includes both the material installation cost of hardware and the labor cost of construction. Because the market lacks standards and specifications, whether there is water or not needs to be analyzed in detail





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