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Everyone hopes to have a beautiful house as their warm home, and I'm no exception. It's going to be decorated soon, but how can we decorate the most beautiful and warm home

everyone hopes to have a beautiful house as their warm home, and I'm no exception. I'm going to decorate it soon, but how can I decorate the most beautiful and warm home? Here, I have collected a lot of decoration materials from the Internet in recent months to sort out the decoration knowledge required by the most beautiful and fresh family for you, so that you can not only feast your eyes, but also avoid detours and spend a small amount of money to help you dress up the most beautiful home

I. before house collection (market investigation and building materials reservation)

1 Decoration team: you'd better go to the construction site to have a look, and order it before decoration

2. Water and electricity reform: order it before decoration

3. Burglar proof door: if you change the door, you should buy it before decoration and do it after collection

4. Interior door and door hardware: order it before decoration

5. Ceramic tiles and skirting lines: buy them before decoration, and ask the salesperson to measure them at home after the house is closed to determine the quantity to buy. Bricks must be bought at one time. It is better to buy more bricks than less bricks. If you buy more bricks, you need to add freight or pick them up by yourself. Moreover, if they are not in one batch, there will be color difference. When buying, you should ask how to return it. How many times can you return it

6. Customized furniture: my home includes shoe cabinets and tatami. If the carpentry of the decoration team is good enough, we can consider using the decoration team. If the technology is not up to standard, we still need to find a specially customized business

7. Ceiling and check valve: usually, ceiling merchants will provide check valves. Ask in advance. If you don't bring them, you should buy them yourself

8. Cabinet: it's best to order it before decoration

9. Smoke machine and stove: you can buy them during the production of the cabinet, but you must clarify which one before decoration, and you need to provide the size to the cabinet. The smoke machine is also related to the electricity reform. Don't have the tragedy that the smoke machine blocks the socket

10. Sink and Faucet: the same as Item 9

11. Kitchen hardware pendant: including basket and wall pendant, basically the same as Item 9

12. Water purifier, small kitchen treasure: because it involves water and electricity reform, it is best to order it before decoration

13. Bathroom cabinet and toilet: it was ordered before decoration. The bathroom cabinet is related to the water reform. A colleague of mine bought the cabinet because of the water reform. As a result, the position of the water pipe and the cabinet was inappropriate, and the cabinet was installed after sawing a big piece

14. Sprinklers and Pendants: you can inspect them in advance, and it's not too late to pay when they are about to be installed

15. Water heater: buy it before decoration, involving water and electricity renovation and ceiling

16. Floor drain, angle valve, washing machine Faucet: pay attention to buying special floor drain for washing machine and shower, otherwise if the water is not fast enough, it may be flooded

17. Lamps and lanterns: although it is installed in the final stage, it is better to decide early. It has something to do with the electricity reform

18. Panel and socket: buy after the water and electricity reform, and the brand and model can be determined in advance

19. Wall paint and wallpaper: you can pay a deposit first, and then pay the full amount when you use it. Wallpaper may need to be prepared more than a week in advance, and you need to have a stock time

20. Clothes hangers: those to be purchased before installing the ceiling shall be installed together with the ceiling, except those without ceiling

21. Decorations to be installed: including some clocks, shelves, decorative paintings and other things that need to be nailed to the wall. Of course, if you can do it yourself, you can do it slowly. If you don't have the ability (like me), you'd better help you install it while the decorators are here

22. Furniture and electrical appliances: if the funds permit, you can buy them. Even if you don't buy them, you need to have a spectrum in your heart. What style, color, size, and probably where to put them in the room are related to the basic decoration




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