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Everyone has dozens or more clothes. Putting them in a special area for classification and storage makes the home cleaner and cleaner, which is the perfect embodiment of our exquisite life

everyone has dozens or more clothes. Putting them in a special area for classification and storage makes the home cleaner and tidy, which is the perfect embodiment of our exquisite life

the cloakroom is mainly divided into open type, independent type and embedded type. Today, baidibao Board focuses on the independent cloakroom to see how the cloakroom should be planned and used in order to bring more convenience to life

spatial layout

generally speaking, the conventional size of the cloakroom is more than 4 ㎡, and the independent cloakroom has higher requirements on the residential area. Because people need space to turn around and change clothes. If the area is too small, it is easy to produce a sense of depression

cloakrooms with "insufficient congenital conditions" can be arranged through clever spatial layout: square cloakrooms mostly adopt U-shaped layout, and the small size should be controlled at a length width ratio of about 2.5m*1.5m. If the space is big enough, it can also be bigger

functional zoning

in order to improve the use efficiency of the cloakroom, we should do a good job in the classification of various functions, and use reasonable design to outline the special storage space such as the hanging area, stacking area, sundry area and bedding area, so that every corner can be fully utilized, which is the ideal type of cloakroom

1. Hanging area design

hanging rod: the metal hanging rod with slide rail is used to hang clothes, which is particularly practical. It can be pulled smoothly without scratching clothes. It is also appropriate to hang accessories directly on it

hanging pants rack: for some business people who often need to meet customers, wrinkled pants are very detrimental to their dignity. It is much more convenient to have a hanging pants rack, and this kind of rack generally adopts anti-skid treatment and will not fall easily

ordinary clothes poles: every wardrobe will be equipped with clothes hanging poles. When hanging clothes, we should keep an appropriate distance from the clothes, otherwise the load of the whole pole may not be enough, and the crowded state will wrinkle the clothes, causing inconvenience to take and place

in addition, if you are a person who pays great attention to details, you can also add a tie rack or a lifting rod to eliminate all concerns about creases and add highlights to your cloakroom

2. Stacking area design

ordinary drawer: it can be used to place clothes with special cutting, or knitted sweaters that are easy to deform due to hanging. If you are worried about creases, you can put tissue paper in the folding, or put the reel at the crease

lining board: put clothes or accessories in the push-pull lining board with slide rail, and the matching and use are clear at a glance

in order to increase storage space, a four sided basket with slide rails can be selected to store clothes that are not easy to wrinkle. The beauty of the rotating basket is that the amount of clothes hanging is three times that of the traditional clothes hanger. Rotating it casually has the function of hanging and displaying, which is very practical

3. Sundry area design

dirty clothes storage basket: classify the things to be washed and hide them perfectly in the push-pull drawer, which is visually cleaner and refreshing

side pull shoe rack: it can save space to the greatest extent, but before placing shoes, you should first clean the soles and prop them up with paper balls or other things to avoid deformation of shoes due to extrusion

storage box: some fragmentary items can be put together with storage basket or storage box, which is convenient, practical and space saving

dividing drawer: silk pajamas, women's underwear and other special clothes can be folded and placed flat in separate drawers to avoid extrusion, which is very flexible for storage

4. Large area design

large area is mainly used to stack bedding, blankets, curtains, soft mats, etc. if it is distributed according to daily use frequency, it is generally located at the top of the cloakroom and is distinguished by dividing design. Size reference of large goods storage area:

bedding: height 400-500mm

jacket: height 1000-1200mm

towel scarf: height 350-500mm

storage drawer: 400-800mm

lattice: single layer height 80-100mm

shoes: width 200mm, height 150mm, depth 300mm (high boots should be stored upright 500mm)

with the continuous improvement of people's demand for quality of life, The cloakroom is gradually becoming an indispensable part of every family

the independent cloakroom itself has the advantages of good dust prevention and complete storage space. I believe that if you master this set of functional planning, your cloakroom will not be messy

how to choose the plate used in the cloakroom

if you want to install an ideal cloakroom, you have to deal with customized manufacturers. In addition to the construction technology, the most important thing is the choice of cabinet plate. There are more plates in the cloakroom, so we need to know the material quality of the manufacturer well

1. Check whether the materials used are environmentally friendly

furniture in the market is mainly made of artificial boards (fiberboard, particleboard, plywood). Because adhesives with formaldehyde are used in the production process of boards, formaldehyde is inevitable in finished furniture. If it is within the standard range, it has little impact on health; If the formaldehyde content of the cabinet material is too high, it will definitely cause adverse effects on the body

2. Check whether the accessories of the wardrobe are complete

many wardrobe manufacturers have launched practical and beautiful accessories, such as push-pull mirrors, lattice frames, pants racks, fashion drawers, pull baskets, l racks, TV racks, CD racks, wooden hangers, etc., but whether they can provide convenient and comfortable supporting functions is still that the plate processing is not qualified, the installation is not easy to use, and it needs to shop around. Blindly adding accessories may not be convenient for you to put more clothes

3. See whether the after-sales service is perfect

as an important part of furniture, wardrobe is closely related to people's daily life. Therefore, good reputation and high-quality after-sales service of manufacturers are very important. When ordering, we must first find out how long the warranty period is; In addition, in case of use problems, whether to provide timely and fast maintenance services is also an important standard for consideration

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