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Beiben heavy truck with three products appeared in Beijing Emergency and disaster relief exhibition

beiben heavy truck with three products appeared in Beijing Emergency and disaster relief exhibition

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under the guidance and support of China North Industries Corporation and China north Equipment Corporation, the 2015 Beijing international emergency and disaster relief equipment Technology Exhibition hosted by China North Industries Corporation was grandly opened in Beijing National Agricultural Exhibition Hall on September 14. Beiben heavy truck, as an important exhibition unit of China ordnance industry group, took three models to the auto show

this exhibition integrates domestic and foreign software and hardware equipment manufacturers, dealers, research institutions and relevant units in disaster prevention and mitigation, emergency preparedness, monitoring and early warning, emergency response, emergency rescue, post disaster resettlement, recovery and reconstruction, and provides an exchange platform for governments at all levels and the public to understand professional equipment, professional technology and professional opinions

with the official opening of the 2015 Beijing international emergency and disaster relief equipment technology exhibition, three exhibition vehicles of beiben heavy truck were displayed in front of the audience, namely V3 (3134k) dump truck, ng80 (2534ky) urban muck truck and v3m (2434sq) tractor

in the Nepal earthquake on April 25 this year, Lhasa, Shigatse and other places felt obvious earthquakes. Nearly 300000 people in 14 counties of Shigatse City and Ali Region were affected to varying degrees, houses and temples collapsed and damaged to varying degrees, and the communication at Zhangmu port was interrupted. When it was in urgent need of large vehicles to carry rescue materials to the disaster area, beiben heavy truck selected five dump trucks for the heavy truck project and rushed to the disaster area. The reliable and efficient beiben heavy truck delivered a large amount of materials to the disaster area in time, which played a great role in the rescue work

beiben urban muck truck is the most intelligent heavy truck at present, and its intelligent characteristics will certainly be the development direction of rescue vehicles in the future. Beiben heavy truck hopes to show the research direction of intelligent heavy truck through the car coupling technology, can bus technology, Beidou navigation technology, APP technology and information transmission and processing technology included in this model. The intelligentization of rescue vehicles will play an important role in the rapid and timely completion of rescue work

v3m lightweight tractor is a new narrow body heavy truck developed by the R & D team of beiben heavy truck to meet the market demand of heavy truck. It highlights the design concept of fuel saving and economy. 2800mm high frame, one-time stamping; New Mercedes Benz technology less leaf spring suspension; Aluminum alloy oil tank, rim and transmission; The lightweight saddle makes v3m the lightest heavy truck in the industry through safe slimming and comprehensive weight reduction. V3m has the best fuel-saving design. Weichai engine has low-speed fuel-saving technology. It can realize the fan speed braking control according to the water temperature by adopting the multi-channel data collection and diagnosis system that adopts the unique textile wrapping process for all fuselages. The fuel-saving technology is far ahead in the industry. Low drag coefficient, low resistance tire, reasonable power matching, all square punch bottoming, take out the cup-shaped sample position to ensure the fuel saving effect of v3m

this exhibition has been highly valued by China National Ordnance Industry Corporation. The ordnance industry is the strategic foundation of national security. As a research and production enterprise of China's heavy equipment and military equipment, China National Ordnance Industry Corporation has the obligation to be more capable of providing the most timely and effective rescue work after a disaster, so as to ensure the personal and property safety of the country and the people

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