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Behind the "de printing" of the three printing and equipment enterprises,

what kind of company is evergreen Co., Ltd? I believe most printers will answer: post press equipment manufacturing enterprises. However, when you come to the EVA booth of the 2013 Decoration Expo, you will find that EVA is still doing some business that sounds very different from the printing equipment, such as cloud printing paper battery remanufacture, small loan software design, etc. From the perspective of business type, EVA seems to have a trend of de printing

I can't help thinking of Yachang and Hongbo, two companies that have also gone to printing recently. On August 9, Shenzhen Yachang Color Printing Co., Ltd. announced that it was officially renamed as Yachang culture (Group) Co., Ltd; On August 12, Hongbo Co., Ltd. issued an announcement to change the company name from Fujian Hongbo Printing Co., Ltd. to Hongbo Co., Ltd. 3 Test method for mechanical properties of welded joints gb/t 2651 (2) 008 Co., Ltd. Obviously, both Yachang and Hongbo have removed the word "printing" from their names, and Yachang has clearly added the word "culture" to express their determination to deepen their efforts in the cultural field

what does the de printing of these enterprises show? We might as well start with their business types

first, let's take a look at these new businesses of evergreen shares: evergreen Jianhao cloud printing, doing online personalized printing business, which is the extension of evergreen to the downstream printing industry; Green energy develops the paper battery business known as the future battery, which is the expansion of EVA to the field of printed electronics; Yanrong bioenergy is engaged in the development of bioenergy for measuring the internal temperature near the square bottom of the drill cone, which is a cooperation between evergreen and Chia Tai Group's Thai printing factory; Evergreen Zhende is committed to the remanufacture of printing machinery and has obtained the first remanufacture license in the domestic printing industry; Mingxuan small loan, which provides financing services for small and medium-sized enterprises, is the service channel for equipment financing provided by evergreen for printing customers; Rongcai technology develops intelligent software suitable for printing equipment and creates intelligent manufacturing management solutions for printing and packaging enterprises. In the words of wangmingyin, deputy general manager of evergreen Zhende, these new businesses are derived and extended based on the printing industry platform, indicating that evergreen is moving towards collectivization and internationalization. Evergreen is not only a printing equipment manufacturer, but also a printing equipment cluster supplier, From printing to capital chain, we should be involved in all fields

Hongbo Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in sports lottery printing, but in recent years, Hongbo has developed from a single bill enterprise to a comprehensive printing enterprise integrating high-end packaging, publishing, smart card, digital printing, etc. In terms of packaging business, Sichuan Hon Hai packaging and printing construction project was officially put into operation in 2012, and packaging and printing products grew steadily, becoming a new growth point of the company's performance; In terms of digital printing, Haotian technology company is currently carrying out equipment commissioning and market development for the construction project of Beijing digital printing base; In terms of smart cards, the company obtained the corporate qualification certification of UnionPay logo products in December last year. In January this year, the company signed a financial IC blank card and personalized outsourcing (card printing) service contract with Fujian rural credit cooperatives. In June this year, the company passed the global supplier qualification certification of MasterCard. In terms of lottery printing alone, Hongbo has developed from lottery printing to a lottery operator and service provider integrating research and development of lottery products, network terminal sales and construction of technical platform

Yachang started with art printing, but now Yachang is more than just a printing enterprise? Relying on the business model of printing +it technology + culture and art, Yachang has changed from a traditional printing enterprise to a cultural enterprise with art digital assets as its core export value. Over the past 20 years since its establishment, Yachang has been expanding its business: Yachang printing, Yachang database, Yachang art, Yachang art bookstore, and Yachang art appraisal center. As fandean, curator of the China Art Museum, said, Yachang has formed a huge structure of development, value-added, and rolling, which reflects the changes of the times of Chinese art

by analyzing the business types of the above three enterprises, it is not difficult to find that the main business of these enterprises is still based on printing. Behind the de printing of their business types or company names, it is their efforts to seek transformation. As Yachang and Hongbo said in the rename announcement, the Rename is based on the company's development needs and to meet the needs of the company's strategy and future business development. Perhaps this change is more in line with their current development needs, so that they can seek more development opportunities and open up broader emerging markets

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