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behind the "change of command" of Qinchuan machine tool

] in October this year, Qinchuan machine tool made a huge personnel transfer. The Organization Department of the Shaanxi provincial Party committee and the Party committee of the provincial SASAC held a cadre appointment meeting, appointing Yan Jianbo as Qinchuan group's requirements for plastics mainly include two points: the Secretary of the Youth League Party committee, and nominated Yan Jianbo as the director and chairman of Qinchuan group. Long Xingyuan, the former party secretary and chairman of Qinchuan group, will no longer perform his duties

at the moment when China's machine tool industry is under pressure, as the Pearl enterprise of Shaanxi industry, Qinchuan machine tool has changed its command

analysis on the reasons for the change of command of Qinchuan machine tool

Qinchuan machine tool has not made public the specific reasons for personnel transfer. However, it is not difficult to see from the financial situation of Qinchuan machine tool that the poor development of the enterprise in recent years may be an important reason for the change of command

in the past five years, the net profit of Qinchuan machine tool fell seriously

the net profit of Qinchuan machine tool in 2015 was -236million

the net profit of Qinchuan machine tool in 2016 was 15million

the net profit of Qinchuan machine tool in 2017 was about 16.5 million yuan

the net profit of Qinchuan machine tool in 2018 was -280million yuan

the net profit of Qinchuan machine tool in the first three quarters of 2019 was 5million-7million

the profit was 10 million yuan, the loss was 100 million yuan, and the total revenue always hovered around 3billion yuan. It seems that Qinchuan machine tool is in a hot wind, The development in recent years is actually worrying

as for the main reason for the loss, longxingyuan, former chairman of Qinchuan machine tool, once said that the continued downturn in the overall market of the industry has increased the risk of Qinchuan machine tool, and the Sino US trade war and other issues have also affected the orders of enterprises. He said that in the past, products were subject to zero tax in the United States, but now they have to be increased by 25%, which involves many risks

facing the loss of Qinchuan machine tool, long Xingyuan also made many breakthrough attempts during his tenure, such as actively transforming modern manufacturing service industry and key parts business. These businesses have also made good progress, among which the reducer, one of the core components of robot developed by Qinchuan machine tool, has broken through many technical difficulties and moved towards the high-end field of robot industry

however, the revenue from sidelines can not offset the loss of the main business. The decline of the machine tool business, which accounts for the largest proportion of revenue, has slowed down the development of Qinchuan machine tool

the continuous losses also make Shaanxi SASAC, as the competent department, unable to sit still. Therefore, under the mobilization of the provincial SASAC, Yan Jianbo, chairman of fast automotive transmission group, was appointed in the face of danger and became a latecomer to save Qinchuan machine tool

how does Qinchuan machine tool get out of the dilemma

like Qinchuan machine tool, fast is also a well-known industrial enterprise in Shaanxi. But compared with Qinchuan machine tool, the development speed of fast is simply amazing. Over the past ten years, this enterprise has gradually developed from the initial revenue of 200million yuan to the first enterprise in the Chinese industry with an annual production and sales of more than 10 billion yuan, and the company has ranked first in the Chinese gear industry for 16 consecutive years in terms of various business indicators, becoming the leader in the domestic heavy truck transmission industry

now, Yan Jianbo has taken over two provincial state-owned enterprises. He is not only the chairman of fast group, but also the helm of Qinchuan machine tool. On the one hand, he has rich experience in managing large state-owned enterprises. On the other hand, he also understands and is familiar with the specific situation of China's machinery industry. 3. If it is necessary to solve the problem of the water clip textured machinery industry

however, the external environment he is facing is also severe. Since this year, China's machine tool industry as a whole has shown a downward trend, the total market demand has shrunk, and the trend of enterprise transformation and upgrading is obvious. Many large machine tool enterprises have encountered operational difficulties this year. Dalian machine tool and Shenyang machine tool have gone bankrupt and restructured one after another, Qinghai Huading and East China CNC have broken their arms to survive, Hanchuan has gone bankrupt and auctioned, and so on. All these indicate the ups and downs of the road ahead

as a well-established machine tool enterprise for many years, and also one of the 18 Arhats in the machine tool industry, should Qinchuan machine tool break through the encirclement

what we can imagine is that Yan Jianbo will serve as the chairman of the two enterprises, so Qinchuan and fast will inevitably try more and more in-depth cooperation methods in the future development, make use of the resource advantages of both sides to learn from each other, and realize the coordinated operation in resources, technology and management

in addition, when Qinchuan machine tool is undergoing enterprise transformation and entering the high-end market, fast will also help it grasp the high-end market demand more accurately and achieve more rapid development

of course, for the new helmsman, how to achieve breakthrough and increment through enterprise transformation and upgrading under the existing market share is the most important. In this regard, Yan Jianbo also said at the 2019 Qinchuan machine tool open day that Qinchuan machine tool should reshape its image, return to its original source, focus on its main business, strive to build an international vision, globalization and scientific and technological innovation capability, achieve remarkable results, the driving force of leading enterprises continues to increase, the construction of public service platforms continues to improve, and industrial development attaches importance to the green concept The machine tool industry chain and value chain with competitive advantages such as the international commercial procurement market with perfect industrial chain

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