Behind the decline of the hottest bucket board mat

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The decline in bucket board materials reflects the pressure on enterprises to survive.

since the beginning of May, compared with the demand for plastic, the market for PC bucket and board materials is acceptable, but from the perspective of price adjustment, the decline is significantly wider, especially for bucket materials. According to zhuochuang's statistics, from the perspective of mainstream market prices, in the past month, the high-end materials used for PC injection molding to serve the index module in the data index fell by yuan/ton, while the low-end materials remained basically stable; Bucket materials fell by nearly 1000 yuan (the actual single part was lower), and plate materials fell by yuan/ton. This can not help but make us wonder why demand can still fall so deeply? In response to this problem, we interviewed some customers. In conclusion, the key lies in the disorderly competition in the industry, the profit reduction of businesses and the factory capacity ready for shipment

some customers said that the industry practice is that the current end customers are crowded with profits and have great operating pressure. When new brands are launched, in order to seize the market and occupy customers, most of them fight a price war first, not only for PC injection of plastic and bucket materials, but also for other industries. This also shows that the current environment is limited, the demand of most industries is shrinking, and the phenomenon of supply exceeding demand is obvious. Behind the shrinking profits, enterprises can only impulse. However, under the background of multiple choices by customers, they can only continue to yield profits for impulse, which starts a disorderly cycle

the price war also reflects the current pressure on the survival of enterprises and the inability to guarantee the performance of some tires. In particular, for the time being, there are still many enterprises planning to put into production during the 12th Five Year Plan period. Although PCs are listed as key products in the 12th Five Year Plan, and from the current pattern of domestic and foreign enterprises, China should encourage the expansion of its own PC industry, but it may need appropriate national control and technical support, To improve the quality level of China's self-produced products, the reason why the molecular reduction movement has obvious relaxation characteristics is low external dependence. In the natural choice of survival of the fittest, it can also ensure the orderly and healthy development of the industry

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