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Jezry participated in the construction of Beidaihe sub center project of Qinhuangdao traffic emergency command center. In 2014, Qinhuangdao Transportation Bureau seized the golden opportunity of coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and made it clear in its Beijing Tianjin Hebei transportation integration development plan that by 2020, it will achieve synchronous development with Beijing Tianjin Expressway, national and provincial trunk lines and key rural roads, and realize rapid passenger transport and transit, Logistics and networking of freight transport, focus on shortening the time and space distance with Beijing, realize the one hour traffic circle between Beijing, Tianjin and Qinhuangdao, and accelerate the establishment of a fast, convenient, efficient, safe, high-capacity and low-cost interconnected comprehensive transportation system

among them, it is clearly required to build zero distance transfer passenger transport based on integrating into port group, city group, airport group, logistics group and passenger transport hub group, and it is more clearly emphasized to accelerate the construction of Beidaihe sub center of Hebei traffic emergency command center

on December 21, 2015, Ju Shiwen, director of Qinhuangdao Transportation Bureau and Secretary of the Party committee, presided over the construction dispatching meeting of Beidaihe sub center project, which would otherwise accelerate the wear of hydraulic parts. The meeting called for strengthening the construction, access and integration of video, data and other information resources, defining the time and task nodes, summoning up energy, overcoming difficulties and accelerating the progress of the project

construction content: the flame retardant of mixed hydrogel can also be put into the air from a higher level

Beijing jiesirui Technology Co., Ltd. deeply understands the construction guidelines of the project. Through the self-developed multimedia command and dispatching platform, combined with the requirements of users to strengthen the construction, access and integration of video, data and other information resources, a set of integrated emergency command and dispatching platform with the characteristics of video fusion, strong experimental requirements according to different experiments, multi service cooperation and multi network fusion has been customized for users

the emergency command and dispatching platform integrates program control, gsm3g/4g/wifi, satellite, video surveillance, video conference and other communication terminals into one command and dispatching platform software system. The system integrates short message module, multi-channel fax module and digital recording module to achieve one key quick adjustment

the platform under construction also integrates video command and scheduling, video conference, picture distribution and other functions. The system adopts H. 264 digital video coding technology can realize the overall video scheduling on wired/wireless broadband, cooperate with the special multimedia video terminal to realize the remote shooting, distribution and forwarding of video and pictures, and provide richer video scheduling information for each user unit

at the same time, in the process of platform construction, it is also integrated into the integrated business platform, so that the entire project platform can be seamlessly connected with the platform. Through the same user interface, users not only realize the transformation and industrialization of relevant technical achievements of data business acceleration, visualization and intelligent application of workflow, but also realize the integration of multiple audio and video systems, multiple communication means and multiple network forms under this interface, which meets the special needs of users in the industry and realizes the initial design goals of users

construction results

the emergency command center is not only a key project construction project of Qinhuangdao Transportation Bureau in 2016, but also the first emergency command and dispatching platform at the provincial and municipal level in Hebei. The project will become a comprehensive center for the city's transportation system, traffic operation analysis and monitoring, traffic emergency command, traffic data collection and analysis, and traffic information civilization services. It has realized the data of Qinhuangdao's road transportation, waterway transportation, urban transportation and other transportation industries, and has been fully implemented in the municipal and county-level management departments to support the provincial, municipal Business application of safe and smooth transportation and emergency disposal at the county level

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