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Behind the resignation of executives in foreign enterprises in China

original industrial robots behind the resignation of executives in foreign enterprises in China

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original title: behind the resignation of executives in foreign enterprises in China

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according to reliable information, Wang Jiangbing, CEO of KUKA China, officially resigned at the end of June. From August last year to June this year, he has not even served for one year. In fact, in the past oneortwo years, the flow of senior executives of foreign-funded industrial robots enterprises in China has been quite frequent. Why did Shen Gang of FANUC, Kong Bing of ABB, and now Wang Jiangbing of KUKA leave? And after that, what happened

Wang Jiangbing failed the challenge

2018 August, wangjiangbing formally took over the KUKA China banner from the former Wen Qiming and served as CEO of KUKA China. Previously, he was the general manager of KUKA China. Wangjiangbing has nearly 20 years of working experience in manufacturing enterprises. He has successively served as the Department Manager of Siemens, the chief representative of Roland Berger Management Consulting Co., Ltd. Beijing office, the general manager of Cologne Measurement Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and the manager of gresheim company in China. He is a true "veteran" in the manufacturing industry

at the beginning of taking office, wangjiangbing said in an interview with the media that "personally, I am undoubtedly bigger and have higher goals. But I am a person who likes challenges!" At that time, Wang Jiangbing was full of confidence. "People from manufacturing enterprises often follow a philosophy - continuous improvement and continuous improvement. I am quite confident in this step-by-step process."

however, KUKA did not seem to give him another chance to step by step, but he may have given up the opportunity himself

on the penultimate working day before leaving office, wangjiangbing attended an industry forum held in Shanghai as planned. During the half-hour speech, he introduced in detail KUKA's vision for the future automotive intelligent factory. This is probably the last time that Wang Jiangbing appeared in public as CEO of KUKA for three times. However, Wang Jiangbing would not talk about the specific circumstances of his resignation. KUKA has not yet issued any statement on the matter, but there has been speculation

it is generally believed in the industry that Wang Jiangbing's resignation was caused by KUKA's performance decline last year. Looking back on the whole 2018, KUKA's global order revenue was 3.3 billion euros, a year-on-year decrease of 8.5%; The revenue was 3.2 billion euros, a year-on-year decrease of 6.8%; The EBIT margin was 3%, a year-on-year decrease of 1.3 percentage points; After tax profit was 16.6 million euros, down 81.2%

however, it is not reasonable to blame all this on Wang Jiangbing. For one thing, Wang Jiangbing took office in August, more than half of the year has passed, and the declining performance since the beginning of the year is unlikely to rebound immediately after changing the CEO. In addition, last year, the global automobile and 3C industries suffered a decline. More than half of KUKA's revenue came from these two industries. The decline in performance was also affected by external factors. In addition, KUKA's global business is sluggish, and the Chinese market only accounts for about 13% of its revenue. It seems that it doesn't make sense to take China executives alone. It is worth noting that during Wang Jiangbing's term of office, KUKA's new orders in China totaled 173million euros in the first quarter of this year, an annual increase of 121.5%

of course, regardless of performance factors or other factors, it has become a fact that Wang Jiangbing and KUKA have parted ways. I just don't know where his next stop will be

Last year, yangguoqiang said, "is it possible for us to become the strongest robot company in the world?", Let Shen Gang decide to leave FANUC, who has stayed for 5 years, and join bozhilin robot

2003, Shen Gang, who obtained a doctor's degree from Tokyo Institute of technology, joined FANUC, a Japanese robot giant, to work on intelligent robots and robot software. At the beginning of 2014, Shen Gang returned to China as the director and executive deputy general manager of Shanghai FANUC robot Co., Ltd., responsible for the market development and marketing of robots in China. Japan's FANUC robot ranks first in the global market share in the field of industrial robots. Three years after coming to Shanghai, FANUC's market share in China has also risen to the first

but it seems that Shen Gang is not satisfied with this. He has his own robot dream. In a media interview after joining bozhilin, Shen Gang said, "I want to prove to the world that Chinese people still have the strength to do a good job in robots, not just as assemblers"

during Shen Gang's term of office, country garden signed a contract with Shunde District government, Guangdong bozhilin robot company was officially launched, and plans to build a 10 square kilometer robot Valley in Shunde in the future. The parent company country garden also said that it would invest at least 80billion yuan in the robot field within five years. Since then, bozhilin has successively signed strategic cooperation agreements with Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Hong Kong University of science and technology, West Lake University and other domestic universities. It seems that some rich people and real estate developers are still trying to refuse the lag phenomenon caused by the leakage of the hydraulic system, the elastic deformation of the specimen in the tensile process and the sliding of the relative gripper

however, the actual situation seems not as good as it seems. In May this year, Shen Gang, who has been in office for less than one year, left bozhilin. Country garden said that it was "family reasons", but most of the industry did not believe this statement

a relevant person disclosed that most of the doctors recruited by bozhilin do jobs unrelated to their own major, and their main task every day is to write ppts. In addition, the company's management is chaotic and the structure changes frequently. One leader is often parachuted. There are more than a dozen directors and deputy directors. The number of middle and senior leaders has far exceeded the number of leaders that the company should have. It was also revealed that the actual reason for Shen Gang's resignation was that "it has been overhead and cannot make a direct decision on the project."

of course, it's hard for us to guess the right and wrong. We just don't know whether Shen Gang, a passionate man, will waver in his belief that "the Chinese people still have the strength to do a good job with robots"

Kong Bing's "second spring"

as Wang Jiangbing's former predecessor, kongbing resigned from KUKA in june2016. Kongbing joined KUKA in september2013. Previously, he worked for ABB

in the second year after Kong Bing joined KUKA, a grand opening ceremony was held for KUKA's new Asian factory located in Songjiang, Shanghai. This is the first overseas factory of KUKA in the world to produce robots and an important milestone for KUKA's development in China. In terms of business development, in addition to continuing to maintain KUKA's leading position in the automotive field, kongbing also made great efforts to develop general industrial customers and made breakthrough progress: for example, the sales volume and market share of white appliances, electronics, consumer goods, etc. have increased significantly. Kong Bing made great contributions to KUKA's Chinese market at that time, but then he chose to leave

after stepping down as CEO of KUKA China, Kong Bing's first stop was Shanghai demake automotive equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. At that time, kongbing said that "de MECO is mainly engaged in automobile integration. I am no stranger to this industry. I was born in the automobile industry. Generally speaking, I think the automobile industry will develop faster in the future. Secondly, considering the regional characteristics, I like Shanghai, including the future development direction of de MECO is also in line with my ideas."

however, Kong Bing did not stay long. The actual controller of huachangda, the parent company, left a pile of accounts after cashing out and running away. As a wholly-owned subsidiary, demake was more or less affected. Kongbing left Shanghai after leaving de MECO. His next stop was Songshan Lake in Dongguan

kongbing's second stop after leaving KUKA was Liqun automation, a start-up company that came from the same school as Dajiang innovation division. It has ranked among the first tier of domestic lightweight industrial robot companies. In 2017, Li Qun's revenue was close to 100million yuan. In october2018, after Kong Bing joined Li Qun, Li Qun obtained nearly 100 million yuan of round C financing. Some people in the industry said that Li Qun's round C financing overcame the factor of Kong Bing pulling the line in the reading error of the human eye. Of course, we don't know the specific situation, and all kinds of statements are just speculation. Li Qun's expectation for Kong Bing is to help Li Qun formulate market strategies, make use of his industry cognition and influence, gather more industry talents and resources, and improve the user experience and service of robot products

however, in Liqun, kongbing did not stay for a full year. In April this year, kongbing joined the cloud intelligent robot operator daki technology, and served as the vice president of daki technology and general manager of cutting-edge drive (Shanghai). Established in 2015, daki technology is a cloud based intelligent robot operator. According to the official statement, the reason why daki technology chose Kong Bing was that it valued its rich experience in the robot manufacturing, sales and after-sales service chain. However, it is worth noting that daki technology's business was mainly concentrated in the service robot industry, while Kong Bing's previous work experience was in the field of industrial robots

cloudminds has recently submitted a prospectus to the US SEC for listing on the New York Stock Exchange. Of course, it is still unknown whether it will succeed. Besides industrial robots, it is still unknown whether Kong Bing can usher in a "second spring" in the field of service robots

Kong Bing moved to serve the robot market. The next stop for Wang Jiangbing and Shen Gang has not been decided yet. These three industry veterans witnessed the rise of industrial robots in China by putting big bags outside small bags. They have also made great contributions to foreign enterprises' expansion of the Chinese market. However, in the end, they all chose to leave. Some of them were enthusiastic and some had to, but no matter what the way ahead, It's always your choice

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