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Is it difficult to detect indoor air or is it difficult for the school to admit its mistakes behind the problem of students' discomfort

nowadays, many people are concerned about the indoor air quality. They need to know whether the air quality meets the standard in time. Good air can provide nutrients, and people will feel very comfortable in life. If the air is poor, it will have a certain impact, and absolute waste products such as poor function will have a certain harm to people's health

a week ago, the workers reported that a primary school in Zhengzhou suspected that the indoor air environment was not properly treated after the decoration in the summer, resulting in the indoor air pollution, causing many students to have nosebleed, headache, red eyes, vomiting and other discomfort. However, the air quality test report issued by the University showed that it was "completely qualified". Recently, another follow-up report said that the school, which caused students' discomfort, had conducted another air quality test on September 7 at the request of parents, but the report still did not appear under the repeated urging of parents. Is it difficult to detect indoor air or is it difficult for the school to admit its mistakes

indoor air detection is not difficult to admit responsibility. Nfix ii/nflex/ngarde Ren is not easy.

the goal of indoor air detection is mainly to make certain judgments on indoor air pollution. Generally speaking, as long as a certain substance in the air has adverse effects on human body or other biological property, or reaches a certain amount and exists for a certain time, it can be called an air pollutant

at present, common indoor air pollutants include carbon monoxide, benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, ozone, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, PM2.5, etc. As mentioned in, the school has just been decorated in the summer vacation. Normally, formaldehyde, PM2.5 and benzene are unavoidable after decoration. Taking formaldehyde as an example, the renovation and renovation of school decoration and teaching supplies can not be separated from the use of large areas of painting and wood products. In this process, the content of formaldehyde in the environment will increase rapidly. Not only that, formaldehyde is one of the air pollutants that is not easy to eliminate by itself. In fact, it will take a long time for the newly decorated house to be removed to the livable level even if the activated carbon windows are opened for ventilation

why is it not difficult to detect indoor air pollutants? Here we will explain it in two parts. First of all, in a newly decorated room, especially in a place with dense population and many students like the school, after a certain amount of ventilation treatment, professional air testing institutions should be invited to conduct all-round air testing. At present, China has issued gb/t indoor air quality standards and other relevant regulations to ensure indoor safety, and provided a series of standard detection methods for air pollutants. Among them, there are non dispersive infrared method for carbon monoxide detection, gas chromatography for formaldehyde, benzene and other organic pollutants detection, spectrophotometry for ozone detection, etc. With the help of a series of precision analytical instruments, the air detection can be completed in a short time and the indoor air can be evaluated

secondly, the indoor air detection method is not the only one. Even without the assistance of relevant institutions, with the help of some simple instruments and equipment, we can preliminarily judge whether there is indoor air pollution. Similarly, the formaldehyde mentioned in the previous article is taken as an example. For schools, enterprises and other units with regular air quality testing needs, they can purchase indoor air rapid detectors and handheld formaldehyde analyzers; For residential buildings with limited budget, formaldehyde test box can be selected to complete the rapid detection of indoor formaldehyde content

back to the topic at the beginning, it has been more than half a month since the air in the school was detected on September 7. Whether the detection is really difficult or the school dare not disclose the results, I think the readers will have their own understanding. However, I think that the school is a place for educating people. Besides students, there are also teachers. This result is related to the health of people living and working in the school. Admitting mistakes is not easy. Judging from the purchase of users, the demand for microcomputer controlled models will be higher, but this is something that a school should undertake

hidden security risks behind the incident

of course, the incident is not that simple. According to the previous content of the workers, the relevant departments have found in the investigation that there is another potential safety hazard behind the air pollution in the school. It is understood that due to the restrictions of teaching venues, students have no place for sports activities, and can only allow students to run and other sports activities in the newly decorated corridors and corridors. Doing so, on the one hand, will increase the intake of harmful gases by students, and at the same time, it will also violate the provisions of the education department on the setting of physical education classes, including the accuracy of force measurement, which is prone to accidents

establish a PM2.5 monitoring system in the school. A school should have an attitude

since we mentioned this topic, we should also say something positive. As early as last year, a primary school in Changshu began to conduct PM2.5 monitoring on a pilot basis. By establishing a PM2.5 monitoring system in the school, the air environment in the school can be monitored in real time. Doing so, on the one hand, can help the school make certain control over the air in the school, help the school adjust students' work and rest, and ensure students' health; On the other hand, it can help teachers teach relevant knowledge and improve students' awareness of environmental protection

conclusion: for a school, if the school environment cannot be guaranteed, how to achieve the happy growth of students; If you can't bear and face your own mistakes, how can you educate people? I believe that behind this incident is the problem of indoor environment, as well as the problem of heart

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