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The application of adhesives in the packaging industry

adhesives refer to non-metallic substances that can closely connect the surfaces of the same or different materials, play a transmission role, and meet certain physical and chemical performance requirements. Adhesives are also called adhesives, adhesives and adhesives, which are called adhesives for short

at present, there are more than 1500 adhesive production enterprises in China, with more than 3000 varieties. It has become one of the fastest-growing key industries in the chemical industry in China

the application of adhesives has penetrated into all fields of the national economy. Especially for the packaging industry, adhesives can be seen everywhere. In many cases, adhesives can effectively replace some mechanical connections and adhesive stitching at the interface, which provides a very effective way to simplify the process, save energy, reduce costs and improve economic benefits in the packaging production process

adhesive plays an indispensable driving role behind the scenes in the whole packaging industry, and has a significant and far-reaching impact on the technological progress of packaging and related industries, as well as the R & D and updating of products. Therefore, the research, development and production of new adhesives with more guaranteed quality and superior performance has become a research field and scientific research activity that the packaging industry pays more and more attention to

adhesives are formulated with adhesives as the main agent for the mediation, elimination and upgrading of household assets with the economic tension of the people, such as aerospace, national defense, kerosene chemical industry, transportation, etc., together with various curing agents, plasticizers, fillers, solvents, preservatives, stabilizers, coupling agents and other additives. Most of the earliest adhesives used came from natural substances, such as starch, dextrin, bone glue, fish glue, etc. Only water is used as solvent, and the glue is prepared by heating. Because of its single component, its applicability is poor. It is difficult to meet the needs of various uses. With the emergence of synthetic polymer compounds, synthetic resin adhesives have been developed. It can be used in various bonding occasions. In recent years, with the improvement of material development level and the advent of various modified resins, the performance of synthetic resin adhesives has been further improved

there are many classification methods of adhesives, which can be divided into thermosetting type, hot-melt type, room temperature curing type, pressure-sensitive type, etc; According to the application object, it can be divided into structural, non configuration or special glue; The connection forms can be divided into water-soluble type, water emulsion type, solvent type and various solid types

the continuous and rapid development of world industrialization has almost driven the continuous advancement of the entire industrial chain. As an independent industry, adhesive industry is also a special auxiliary industry of packaging industry. Its development status and future development direction have become the focus of attention

since the 1950s, the adhesive industry is developing rapidly at an extraordinary speed. The increasingly developed new products and the advent of relevant high-tech constantly fill the current gap, but also promote the continuous development of the entire industry itself, and derive more and more broad application fields and go deep into more professional and refined industries. This experiment was carried out on a tensile testing machine

from the application structure of adhesives, we can see that the packaging industry has always been the largest industry in the application of adhesives. It is widely used in the internal fine branches of the packaging industry such as paper products, printing and decoration, plastics, etc., which has greatly promoted the prosperity and rapid development of the packaging industry

with the rapid development of the packaging industry, the market demand for adhesives has increased, and the requirements for the quality and grade of adhesives have also been raised to a considerable extent. It can be said that the adhesive industry and the packaging industry are two independent and interdependent industries, which are driven and promoted by each other

in the imperceptible mutual guidance, the packaging industry has promoted the adhesive industry to move forward and develop towards a higher goal; In this way, the adhesive industry also has a more far-reaching impact on the packaging industry

with the continuous improvement of human living standards and the continuous improvement of the requirements for their own quality of life, coupled with the common appeal of the world for green environmental protection in recent years, people's concept of environmental protection and self-protection has been continuously strengthened. Especially for daily necessities and food in daily life, we pay more attention to green environmental protection

as an important member of packaging materials, packaging adhesives should meet the needs of social development and highlight their own green environmental protection. In this way, they can develop smoothly

it can be seen that the future development trend of adhesives is bound to take green environmental protection as the theme, and advocate green harmony in the process of production and research and development

from the beginning, the adhesive industry has developed rapidly and violently, except for the factors of uneven installation. The whole industry continues to grow vigorously under the strict test of the market. At the same time, in the process of self-development and improvement, it also promotes the innovation and development of many fields of related industries, such as in the packaging industry, which is more incisive

I believe that in the future, with the continuous progress of science and technology, the continuous R & D and creation of new technologies and new products, and the closer cooperation between the adhesive industry and the packaging industry, it is bound to create more social and economic benefits for the society, drive broader industrial links, open up new and refined fields, and bring more practical convenience to the improvement of human living standards

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