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Application of 3D human body scanning technology in digital supply chain question: why does the clothing industry need to investigate human body size

answer: due to the lack of research and the wide implementation of virtual size, the clothing always looks one size smaller than the actual figure of the wearer, so that the clothing does not appear any broken or inverted pole phenomenon, and the size of the clothing does not match the actual figure of the wearer. In addition, companies only obtain data from the size of sales. Due to the lack of data, it will not only lead to the decline of service quality, but also affect the textile and clothing supply chain. Consumers have to spend money to modify clothes, otherwise they can only wear clothes that are extremely ill fitting. In order to solve this problem, we carried out the "sizeusa" national human size research project last year

anthropometric system

Q: what are the applications of three-dimensional human body scanning technology in the investigation

answer: our anthropometric system consists of four lenses, which use white light to record more than 200000 data points of the human body, and then reduce the number of data points to 40000, so as to form a bitmap of human body data points of the subjects. The pre-defined measurement data set is automatically extracted by the anthropometric system, so the accurate measurement of more than 200 data in the human body can be completed in less than one minute. In addition to anthropometry of more than 10000 scanning targets, this survey also collected a large amount of data that can be used in different aspects

Q: what are the links between this survey and the clothing industry

answer: for many years, clothing manufacturers and brands have been expecting to win the trust of customers. It is not easy and expensive to create a style that fits and is novel. Moreover, due to different diet and exercise habits, the body shape is changed. Therefore, maintaining the same size ratio and the same size discount point is not the way to win. Brands gradually find that customers choose more suitable clothes, and customers often experience continuous disappointment and confusion in the process of looking for suitable clothes. Once loyal to a particular brand, customers generally do not patronize other brands. In the ready-made clothing market, relevant information can be used to improve the fitness of clothing, and the folding point can be adjusted appropriately, so that more customers are suitable for standard sizes

Q: can you explain the significance of 3D human body scanning technology

answer: the three-dimensional human body scanner can scan the whole human body in 6 seconds and generate a three-dimensional human model that is consistent with the actual size in a few minutes. The uses of three-dimensional mannequins include clothing customization, formulating clothing size standards and body shape analysis. [tc]2 has developed a body scanner, which can be installed in retail malls, offices and fitness clubs, so that the design can meet the various needs of customers. The advent of three-dimensional scanning technology will change the traditional clothing development process, display clothing products in a three-dimensional way, and communicate production information in time. At the same time, the system adopts professional design, which can automatically modify and create two-dimensional paper patterns according to three-dimensional data, improve the fit and further shorten the production cycle

Q: what impact will this technology have on the digital supply chain? Green development has also attracted attention from refractory and related industries

answer: the digital process is easy to configure and has higher flexibility, which can improve the efficiency of product delivery. Taking the clothing industry as an example, human size measurement, pattern setting, printed fabrics and knitted clothing can be processed digitally. Therefore, the digital three-dimensional and two-dimensional human body surface development process includes automatic sample preparation, clothing size template production, and Anhan company will demonstrate the working principle of the impact testing machine such as the world's first "magnetic controlled capsule endoscope robot system" human body size measurement standardization in Ningbo for the first time

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