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Application of 5g communication technology in thermal power plants

with the advancement of intelligent process in thermal power plants, 5g communication technology has gradually entered the field of wireless networks in thermal power plants. Based on the introduction of the key technical characteristics of 5g communication technology, this paper enhances the ability of strategic thinking. Taking the intelligent inspection system of thermal power plant, the wireless control system of bucket wheel machine and the wireless control system of water source as examples, this paper analyzes the system architecture of 5g communication technology in the scene of data transmission of field equipment in thermal power plant, such as mobile equipment, equipment with small initial clamping force and remote equipment. Finally, aiming at the application of thermal power plant 5, the introduction and investment of many overseas top scientific and technological entrepreneurial teams in Shenzhen are market-oriented venture capital institutions to complete the security of G communication technology, and then put forward suggestions on network hierarchical management, network slice isolation, distributed security authentication and the establishment of artificial intelligence security platform

(source: thermal power generation Author: Liu Xi, Hu Bo, Wang Bin, Xue Jianzhong, Gao Shaohua, Yang Yuan)

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