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Application of Advantech industrial computer in laser marking machine project background:

in the early 1990s, due to the increasing demand for material processing, laser marking, a new technology developed after laser welding, laser heat treatment, laser cutting, laser drilling and other application technologies, began to become an indispensable processing means. Laser marking technology has become the most widely used and mature technology in the field of laser processing with its new marking process of non-contact, pollution-free and wear-free

the core of laser marking equipment is laser marking control system. Therefore, the development process of laser marking is the development process of marking control system. In just seven years, the control system has experienced the era of large format, the era of rotating mirror and the era of galvanometer in the field of laser marking. The control mode has also experienced a series of evolution from software direct control to upper and lower computer control, and finally to real-time processing and time-sharing reuse

project principle:

the laser marking system is mainly composed of Advantech industrial computer, laser, galvanometer scanning system, F- θ The lens is composed of several parts, and the system structure schematic diagram is shown in the following figure:

the power supply system is connected to 220V (50Hz) to supply power to the industrial computer and (gas/solid) laser respectively. The industrial computer controls the galvanometer scanning system and laser power supply through the laser marking software. When preparing for the marking operation, the industrial computer sends a signal to the power system to control the laser switching light and its laser power. At the same time, it makes a certain transformation according to the marking coordinate data and transmits it to the galvanometer scanning system. The galvanometer scanning system adjusts the X/y axis galvanometer according to the received signal, that is, the X/y axis galvanometer lens deflects a certain angle. At this time, the complete optical path is that the beam emitted by the laser is refracted by X and Y galvanometer and incident on the surface of the workpiece to be marked

system features:

Advantech industrial computer is mainly used to transmit and process laser marking signals in this system, and coordinate the work of each part through timing function. Due to the high timely performance requirements of laser marking, the selection of industrial control computer is the key, which not only requires fast response, but also has the characteristics of stability, safety and anti-interference at 0.01~500 mm/min, so as to produce normally in harsh working environment. The industrial computer mainly completes the following tasks in the laser marking system:

1 After the main switch of the power system is turned on and the operator sets the relevant parameters on the industrial computer, the industrial computer completely controls the hardware parts of the system

2. The industrial computer extracts the marking coordinate data and converts it into the angle deflection signal that can be recognized by the galvanometer system through a certain algorithm

3. When the marking of a single character is completed, the industrial computer should control the Q-switch parameter to turn off the laser, and the laser is still working at this time; ● electrical system: after completing the whole marking task, set the laser power to 0, so as to completely turn off the laser

4. The industrial control computer should monitor and control the marking process in time, and record and store the information

project evaluation:

after 10000 character marking production verification, it meets the requirements of high control accuracy and accurately meets the needs of customers

1. High stability: the stability of the system is enhanced due to the use of highly reliable Yanhua original machine for processing

2. Flexible configuration: adopt distributed structure, and the configuration is flexible

3. High cost performance: Advantech industrial computer has good expansibility. It can use various ways reasonably to optimize the cost of the whole system

Introduction to Advantech's new products:

Advantech's plastic also includes composite materials. The new version of acp-4320 series

Introduction: the 4U high shelf chassis supports ATX industrial motherboard or 14 slot backplane. The new ACP series front panel product design is easy to customize. Two unmeasured data are easy to maintain. SATA hard disk racks provide the best data image backup, supporting two 5.25 inch and one 3.5 inch disks, and the front USB and ps/2 interfaces, Visible warning module increases system usability and reduces system downtime. Optional power supply: 300 W/400 w ATX or 300 W/400 w redundant power supply, size: 482 x 177 x 480 mm (19 "x 7" x 18.9 ")

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