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Application of AC60 frequency converter in the energy-saving transformation of escalator

escalator is a kind of manned lifting equipment widely used in shopping malls, stations and airports. There are six escalators in Baijia supermarket in Pinghu Town, Shenzhen, which are driven by 11kw (four-stage) AC motor and driven by a reducer. One of the two escalators is used as the uplink and the other as the downlink. After running for a period of time, they are manually exchanged, that is, the uplink exchange is the downlink, and the downlink exchange is the uplink operation. In the process of operation, the flow of customers varies greatly in different periods of time. Sometimes there may be no one taking the escalator. Due to the randomness of the arrival of customers, it is impossible to stop the escalator when no one takes it. The escalator without speed control can only idle at the rated speed, which is very uneconomical and wastes a lot of electric energy. Therefore, how to adopt efficient and energy-saving elevator control technology, It has become a topic of great concern to elevator merchants and users

at present, most escalators installed in China use single speed AC motor as the host, equipped with brake motor or brake coil. Sprocket chain drive, and the rated speed of steps is mostly 0.5m/s. There are up to safety limit switches. Most of the faults in operation are caused by the failure of the safety circuit. This kind of escalator runs at the rated speed even when there are no passengers. It has the disadvantages of high energy consumption, serious mechanical wear and tear, and low service life. The following will put forward specific energy-saving solutions for the shortcomings of this kind of elevator

frequency conversion and energy saving transformation of the full escalator

on the premise of not making any changes to the safety production control circuit of the escalator, that is, the frequency converter operates at the original speed (50Hz) when someone is riding according to the signal generated by the sensor; When there is no one, the escalator slows down to low speed or stops running

The experimental conditions are set by the software of the operation panel or the accounting machine.

the system requires the frequency converter to start and run smoothly, with good acceleration performance, large starting torque and strong overload capacity. At the same time, it should be able to automatically switch the control system to power frequency operation when the frequency converter speed regulation system fails, so as to ensure the normal implementation of the escalator conveying function. Therefore, the veich-ac60 series integrated energy-saving cabinet (dedicated for escalator) of Shenzhen Weichuang Electric Co., Ltd. is selected. The control cabinet is internally designed with industrial/frequency conversion switching. At the same time, it integrates the special control function module of escalator energy-saving operation, which is convenient for users

for passenger escalators, the peak period of use usually occurs in the next day. The software can be protected by setting different codes to end the authority processing function in the afternoon and evening, and the utilization rate in the rest of the time is low, with considerable energy-saving space. According to the above transformation principles, considering the investment cost and automation level, it is proposed to use the following variable-frequency drive scheme: Weichuang AC60 series integrated frequency converter (dedicated for escalator) is used to drive the elevator host, the frequency converter adopts multi-stage speed control mode, and sets two operating frequencies: main frequency (low speed) and multi-stage speed frequency 1 (high speed)

install an infrared sensor switch at the head and tail of the elevator. When passengers pass the elevator, the infrared sensor switch is triggered and sends a signal to the frequency converter that the conductivity of the new copper alloy material developed by Guoliang steel has reached the level of silver

when there is passenger flow, the infrared sensor switch is triggered, the frequency converter immediately accelerates to multi-stage speed frequency 2, and makes the elevator run at high speed

when the elevator is running at high speed, the built-in timer of the frequency converter starts timing. If no passengers pass the elevator within the timing period, the frequency converter will automatically switch to multi-stage speed frequency 1 for low-speed operation after the timing is over

if a passenger triggers the photoelectric switch again during the timer, the timer will be timed again

for the elevator up and down, the peripheral control adopts switch interlocking to ensure the normal operation of the escalator system

in order to consume the downlink or the excess energy generated in the braking process, it is necessary to install a braking resistor on the frequency converter

the schematic diagram of this scheme is as follows, which can be used as uplink or downlink, and the two are interlocked:

the circuit of the motor is equipped with "mains power" and "power saving" contactors, so that there are two working modes: "automatic" and "manual": in the manual mode, the inverter does not work, and the whole system starts and stops manually and operates at power frequency; In automatic mode, the motor is directly driven by the frequency converter and operates with frequency conversion

in case of failure, the system will automatically switch to power frequency operation

the schematic diagram of this scheme is as follows, which can be used for uplink and downlink. The two can be interlocked:

setting of functional parameters

Introduction to special functions of escalator:

commissioning process: (additional intermediate relay is required for self-protection)

1. E-01: set to 1, and give the operation instruction to the inverter

2, e-16: operation frequency 1 is the frequency setting of low-speed operation when the elevator is normally unattended, which can be set to 10Hz

3, F-9 operation frequency 2 is the frequency setting of high-speed operation when the escalator is manned, which is generally set to 50Hz

4, F-01: set to 5 (x1) multi-stage speed terminal definition

5, F-03: set to 22 timer trigger terminal definition

6, F-30: set to 12 timer time arrival

7, e-02: set to 0

acceleration time e-13 is set to 1 ~ 2 seconds to ensure that guests accelerate before boarding the escalator; The deceleration time is set to 5 ~ 10 seconds, which is suitable at present

characteristics of frequency conversion system

this scheme adopts AC60 integrated frequency conversion energy-saving cabinet, which has the characteristics of large low-frequency starting torque and fast response speed in the open-loop vector control mode. When starting at 0.5Hz, its output torque can reach 150% of the rated torque, which can fully meet the process requirements of the elevator

the soft start function of the frequency converter can eliminate the current shock when the motor starts

the frequency converter is a capacitive load, which can effectively improve the power factor of the motor and reduce reactive power loss

the frequency converter has various electronic protection devices such as overcurrent, overvoltage, overload and overheating, and has rich fault alarm output functions, which can effectively ensure the normal operation of the whole system

when there is no passenger flow, the running speed of the elevator is very low, and the mechanical wear is greatly reduced

the starting, stopping and speed conversion of the variable frequency drive system are smooth and comfortable

there are two working modes: manual and automatic. In case of frequency converter failure, it can still continue to operate in manual mode

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