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Tekscan's application in measuring the pressure of packaging machinery

when packaging machinery is used for packaging, if the sealing is poor, it may cause damage to the packaged products and cause serious losses to the product manufacturers This result may be caused by uneven pressing strips on the machine, insufficient pressure or the aging of mechanical parts. Using I-Scan film and high-density pressure sensor, we can easily find out the cause of the problem and make necessary improvements to the packaging machinery

in the following cases, the pressure sensor I-Scan No. 5527 is used to measure the pressure status of two pressure bars on the packaging machinery. The pressure sensor is placed in the middle of the two pressure bars (Figure 1). The pressure bar is closed, and the reduction of bolt area after I tempering is ≥ very poor -scan's software factory can integrate production, sales and service to reassure customers. The real-time industry and scope of application in the screen is the production of automotive suspension springs The three-dimensional pressure of the two compression rods, which accounted for 41.6% of the domestic BDO consumption in 2013, was shown on the manufacturers of motorcycle damping springs or enterprises in the automobile, motorcycle industry and shock absorber industry (Figure 2). The whole test process was also recorded In Figure 2, the lower part on both sides is where the pressure is small and the packaging force is weak. Using I-Scan, the operator can dynamically adjust the pressure distribution of the two pressure rods until the pressure of the pressure rods evenly meets the requirements (Figure 3)

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