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The application of AC frequency conversion control system in glue coating robot (2)

3 formulation of countermeasures

for the above two main reasons, after repeated discussion and discussion by many engineers and technicians, the final countermeasures are listed in Table 3

4 implementation of countermeasures

4.1 replacement of motor

first of all, find a motor that is most suitable for on-site use. After searching for information, the project team finally locked an AC variable-frequency motor of Shanghai Maiqi, with the following parameters:

model VF g90l-50-4-1.5k

rated voltage 380VAC

rated power l.5 kW

speed l 750 R/min

the original DC motor parameters are as follows for comparison:

working voltage l 80 VDC

rated power l.5 kW

speed l 750 R/min

from the above parameter comparison, we can see that the parameters are basically the same. However, the price is quite different. The purchase price of AC motor of Shanghai Maiqi is 1800 yuan, and only one motor saves more than 20000 yuan

4.2 replacement of frequency converter

after the motor is determined, it is necessary to find a matching frequency converter to achieve the purpose of stepless frequency conversion and speed regulation. The function of the frequency converter is equivalent to that of the DC controller of the original DC system. Finally, the project team selected the Mitsubishi A500 frequency converter that the maintenance personnel are most familiar with, and the parameters are as follows:

model fr-a540-2.2k-ch

power: 2.2 kW

input parameter: 3Ph 380VAC 50Hz

compared with the original DC controller with a production capacity of 50000 tons/year, the price of a frequency converter of the above model is 2100 yuan, which also saves nearly 10000 yuan

4 . 3 design of motor base

since the motor has been replaced, the base used to fix the motor should also be replaced. After design, the design drawing of the installation base of the AC motor is as follows:

(1) a base adjustment device is designed to facilitate the position adjustment of the AC motor, as shown in Figure 4

(2) design a set of interface components between the AC motor and the original clutch to ensure that the AC motor can maintain a good unitary connection with the original clutch, as shown in Figure 5

4.4 rewriting of robot program

in order to cooperate with the action of AC motor, the robot program needs to be modified. Because the amount of glue can be controlled by the walking speed of the robot hand. The modified manipulator program ensures the low energy consumption operation of the AC motor

the command of sending the signal is as follows:

Hu lon

the corresponding ladder program:

after the design and construction of the above four steps, the transformation project is finally completed

5 result tracking and analysis

after completing the above steps, in terms of machinery, the new parts are different from the original old structure III! Wo I handover. After the line is rearranged, the electrical part is also debugged. After the production is started, after the simple frequency output adjustment of the frequency converter, the working state of the whole system and the quality of gluing have been recognized by the maintenance department and the general assembly workshop. Since then, the AC frequency conversion system has replaced the DC control system in the gluing robot and has been officially enabled

6 effect verification

6.1 effect verification of high energy consumption solution

inspect and monitor each action link of the robot glue supply system, eliminate the idling waste of 87 s, realize stepless speed regulation, and effectively control the speed of glue supply of the glue supply system. And the working energy consumption in the value-added time has also been reduced to about half of the original, which was 175 V, and 35Hz after transformation. The comparison between the working curve of AC system and the original DC is shown in Figure 6 and Figure 7

from the comparison of the hardness of the two siloxane polymers above, it can be seen that the operating energy consumption of AC motor is much lower than that of DC motor. The energy consumption of the two devices is compared through calculation below, as shown in table 4:

6.2. The effect of high-cost solution is verified.

after being transformed into an AC frequency conversion system for control and operation, all parameters meet the control requirements, there has been no failure, and the AC motor and frequency converter have been in stable use. These spare parts can be purchased directly locally, which is convenient and timely. See Table 5 for the comparison of cost before and after the transformation

it can be seen from the above table that the original cost of nearly 40000 yuan has been reduced to 4000 yuan after the transformation. And the supply cycle is greatly shortened. The problem of high cost has completely achieved the expected effect of the transformation

7 conclusion

whether in automobile manufacturers, auto parts manufacturers, or other production enterprises, almost all the structures of DC system driven quantitative pumps that should confirm that this batch of connectors are unqualified products can undergo the above AC frequency conversion transformation or similar transformation. The transformation not only responds to the call of "energy conservation and emission reduction" put forward by the state, but also plays an exemplary role in the "low-cost" development of the enterprise itself

the improvement of the system was put into use after the film molding in the eastern General Assembly in January, 2008, and achieved obvious results, greatly improving the glue dispensing efficiency and quality of the production line. At the same time, the quality of our equipment has been continuously improved, which has led to the continuous improvement of the quality of the whole vehicle

the reduction of maintenance cost of glue dispensing robot system reflects the concept of "high value and low cost" of SAIC GM Wuling Automobile Co., Ltd. The trend of localization of imported spare parts is further advanced. At the same time, the stability of the glue dispensing robot system is improved, and the expected effect is achieved

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