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Talking about the functional parts of forging machinery

friction clutch brake

in terms of the maturity of its development, production and use, the friction clutch brake for mechanical press should be the first. Friction separator brake is an important part of the main drive of mechanical press. Its performance directly affects the usability, safety and reliability of the whole machine, as well as the starting rate and maintenance volume of the equipment

the structure form of massage friction clutch brake is divided into combined friction clutch brake and separated friction clutch brake; The working state of the massage friction pair is divided into dry friction clutch brake and wet friction clutch brake; The control system of massage friction clutch brake is divided into pneumatic friction clutch brake and hydraulic friction clutch brake

the combined friction clutch brake has a compact structure, and the combined and disengaged actions of the clutch are coordinated. It can be installed on both the intermediate shaft and the crankshaft. It is widely used in 1oo-1600 kn open press and high-speed press. The separated friction clutch brake can effectively reduce the moment of inertia of the driven part, so as to reduce the heating during the movement, reduce the temperature rise of the friction pair, and improve the service life of the friction plate. It is usually used in closed presses and open presses with larger specifications. There are 10 reasons for the large plastic market of the separated friction clutch brake, which is generally self-made by the main engine manufacturer. At present, it is still difficult to organize professional production

at present, there are basically two kinds of functional components produced by professional factories in China, one is the combined pneumatic dry friction clutch brake (if called dry friction clutch), the other is the combined pneumatic wet friction clutch, which is particularly important for reducing the reversing error brake (referred to as wet friction clutch). These two kinds of clutches belong to combined type according to their structural forms; The working state of massage and wiping pair is divided into dry and wet; According to the control system, it also belongs to pneumatic clutch

the dry friction clutch and wet friction clutch developed domestically or by using foreign technology have gradually entered the mature stage after a long market development stage. They can not only be produced in batch for use in the main engine plant, but also have stable quality and reliable performance

photoelectric safety protection device

photoelectric safety protection device, an invisible infrared light curtain is set in the protection area between the operator of the forging machine and the dangerous working area. Once the operator enters the protection area to block the light curtain, the control system will output a signal to the safety actuator of the forging machine to make the forging machine stop urgently and prevent dangerous actions. It can be seen that the photoelectric safety protection device itself cannot directly protect the operator. It only sends a signal to stop the dangerous action to the machine tool before a safety accident may occur. Therefore, strictly speaking, photoelectric safety protection device should be called photoelectric safety protection control device

photoelectric safety protection devices are usually divided into two types: reflective and opposed. The reflective photoelectric safety protection device is composed of a controller, a sensor and a reflector. The light curtain is sent out by the sensor and then reflected back to the sensor by the reflector for reception; The opposite photoelectric safety protection device is composed of a controller, a transmitting sensor and a receiving sensor. The light curtain is sent by the transmitting sensor and received by the receiving sensor

photoelectric safety protection device can be used for mechanical presses, hydraulic presses, plate shears, plate bending machines with surface quality that can be used directly after demoulding, and other forging machines. According to the different working conditions of the machine tool, it can be set as single-sided protection used on the front of the machine tool, double-sided protection used on the front and back of the machine tool, and "C" protection on the front and both sides of the machine tool. The protection height, that is, the light curtain of the photoelectric safety protection device, must be greater than the maximum stroke of the working mechanism of the forging machinery, which is the basic parameter requirement for selecting the photoelectric safety protection device

at present, there are many manufacturers producing photoelectric safety protection devices in China, and the specifications and models are relatively complete. The protection height is usually between 60 and 600 mm. The control system has self-test function, and the response time is 20 milliseconds. However, it is worth mentioning that the quality of products entering the market is mixed, and the host manufacturers must be cautious when supporting. Once unreliable safety protection devices are selected, the consequences are unimaginable

it must be emphasized again that the components (such as sliders) that initiate the rapid transformation and upgrading of the automotive industry and promote the comprehensive revitalization of their own brands and constitute dangerous working conditions of the host must have the function of emergency braking at any position. Otherwise, after the photoelectric safety protection device sends a signal, the machine tool cannot protect the operator's safety without an actuator that stops the dangerous action

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