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A preliminary study on the management thought innovation of enterprise managers

for the daily management work of managers, what is the most important and worthy of attention? In the existing management theory, some scholars have roughly divided management into three levels: management thought, management methods and management tools, and management practice. I personally understand that among these three levels, management thought is the most valuable part of management work, which plays a leading role in management and reflects the demands and value orientation of management work. As managers, especially the managers of enterprises, in order to continuously improve their management level, they need to innovate management ideas in combination with the actual changes in work, so that managers and enterprises can jointly obtain a broader living space and development space

the significance of enterprise managers' ideological innovation

management ideological innovation comes from the group of enterprise managers According to Peter Drucker, a management master, "managers are a special group who are willing or able to undertake for the organization. Although they are said to be composed of independent managers, the way they undertake for the organization is reflected by the group thought generated by their wishes, practices, attitudes and behaviors". In an enterprise, the board of directors, all departments and units are part of the organizational system. Managers in the organizational system can be called managers if they can coordinate the long-term and immediate needs of each decision and action, and make the enterprise create a whole greater than the sum of all parts They will bear different responsibilities because of their different positions in the organization system, but the requirements for them are the same: managers cannot be without ideas, let alone innovative ideas. Because the ideas generated by them determine the development direction of an enterprise, and whether their ideas can innovate in time determines how far an enterprise can go. Therefore, I don't think it's too much to call the ideological innovation of managers the soul of enterprises

Another important significance of management thought innovation is that the innovation of management thought always includes the innovation of management methods. Because in a sense, thought is original and cannot be imitated. At the same time, it is also an ability formed in the long-term cultural environment to perceive things, experience things, express things, grasp things and establish this relationship; However, the management method has no national boundaries and no time limit. We can learn from each other at all times and in all countries. As long as we can solve practical problems, match our own needs and work effectively. From this point of view, the innovation of management thought is particularly important, and it is not difficult for us to understand that candidates with great ideological innovation in the workplace can seek higher positions. Let's use an example to illustrate this problem. Haier is an example of Chinese enterprises. I remember that around 2003, enterprises all over the country organized to learn from experience, hoping that their own enterprises can develop into well-known large companies at home and abroad like Haier. Indeed, after visiting and studying, everyone is also familiar with Haier's "slope sphere law" and "OEC management method", and they all go back to promote it, but a few years have passed, and few enterprises have really achieved the same effect as Haier. Why? Because everyone only remembers the appearance of these theories or methods, but neglects the research and differential analysis of the formation process of innovative management ideas behind them. In enterprises that are not exactly the same as Haier's comprehensive background, it is doomed to be unsuccessful to replicate Haier's long-term accumulation of enterprise management innovative ideas through overnight efforts. This failure has nothing to do with the correctness of these theories, but is caused by the indiscriminate and non innovative implementation of Haier's management ideas. Recently, after exhausting its marketing skills and methods, the phenomenon of "ideological marketing" in the field of marketing makes us have more reason to think that this is an act of tracing the source, and a direct manifestation of the importance of management thoughts over management methods

create a good atmosphere for management thought innovation

create a good atmosphere for management thought innovation for managers, mainly from the perspective of enterprises. Because enterprises are one of the main carriers for managers to carry out management work, the activities of enterprises cover the management activities of managers. In an enterprise, if managers can innovate management ideas freely, it also reflects the importance of enterprises to managers' ideological innovation from another side. I think the following aspects need to be paid attention to

good corporate cultural background. This corporate culture must be compatible with the development of the enterprise and can have a lasting impact on the thoughts of managers. In the previous chapters, it is also mentioned that management thought is formed in a certain cultural environment. Moderation is a culture, and rigor is also a culture. What kind of corporate culture will inspire the management group to produce what kind of management thought. I think this is because culture and thought belong to non-material things, and there are countless internal links between them, which can have a deep impact on the thinking of the management group. Therefore, we should spare no effort to strengthen the construction of corporate culture to adapt it to the development of enterprises, so as to constantly produce new ideas suitable for the development of enterprises. In this regard, well-known enterprises in the United States are examples for us to learn. Recently, the practice of Shenzhen Jinwei beer company is worthy of praise. While making good beer, they have made great efforts to devote themselves to the construction of corporate culture for a long time, and established the four core concepts of "integrity, probity, harmony and efficiency", so that upstream and downstream enterprises are proud to have business contacts with Jinwei. These deep corporate culture foundations have a great impact on their company's marketing ideas. Therefore, enterprises should take the public's memory of their own products and their own management ideas as the ultimate goal of corporate culture construction

a harmonious group of managers and a suitable organizational system. The innovation of management thought comes from the collective wisdom of managers. It is very important for the innovation of management thought to maintain a harmonious state among managers in the organization. The ideal state of harmony should be like this: neither maintain harmony nor stubbornness; In the process of the formation of innovative management thought, it doesn't matter to speak freely, express their own opinions and explain their thoughts, even fierce debate. However, after the formation of innovative management thought, all managers in the organization should give up their cognitive deviation, improve their understanding and keep consistent with it, so as to facilitate the formation of innovative thought. In addition, the organizational structure of enterprises that are closely related to harmonious management groups should also be suitable for the innovation of management ideas. The organizational system should be set up to facilitate the emergence, collection, identification and formation of innovative management ideas. At least, it should not delay or hinder the emergence of new management ideas. BIC company is currently in the process of rapid growth. Recently, the organizational structure has been adjusted more frequently, which outsiders may not fully understand. I think in addition to the needs of the rapid development of the company, what is more important is that the enterprise hopes that the managers in the organization can give full play to their wisdom in management and continue to produce innovative management ideas suitable for the development of their organization, Promote enterprises to move towards higher goals

effective performance incentive mechanism. The effective performance incentive mechanism mentioned here refers to that for managers, if this piece of work is done well, it can stimulate the management group to pay more attention to the innovation of management ideas. As mentioned earlier, for enterprises, management thought is the most valuable part of the three levels of management, and it is also the most valuable resource of enterprises. There is no reason why we should not pay more attention to this work. This is not to say that the non manager performance incentive part of the enterprise is not important, but the manager's performance incentive mechanism is more complex and more difficult to establish. Although the performance incentive mechanism construction of BIC company is not perfect at present, and there is still a lot of work to be done, it is gratifying that, in addition to the special performance incentive system for middle-level managers in 2005, this year, a performance incentive system for senior managers, including the president, has been introduced, so that the performance incentive of managers at all levels of the company can be followed. With the improvement of the mechanism and the exertion of its effect, we believe that some users still use origin and other more professional graphics processing software for later data processing, and we hope that more insightful and innovative management ideas will emerge in the future

to be an enterprise manager with innovative ideas

if you want to collect a large number of painters from an ordinary management and grow into a manager with innovative management ideas, you must strengthen the enrichment of various knowledge and skills training. Subjectively, I think the following four aspects need long-term accumulation

enterprising spirit and learning attitude. A manager's knowledge may not be comprehensive enough, and his academic qualifications may not be very high, but he cannot lose his enterprising spirit and learning mentality. From a deep level, managers have an enterprising spirit and learning mentality. On the one hand, it is the premise to meet the requirements for managers to pursue a perfect personality. On the other hand, it is also the premise for managers to enrich themselves and improve their ability to perceive, experience, express and grasp things. These two aspects are the necessary conditions for a manager to have innovative ideas and be able to innovate management ideas. Otherwise, even if there are opportunities or needs for innovation of management ideas, the innovation of management ideas cannot be achieved. In the past six months, the author has organized the main managers of his department to study business knowledge training and professional qualification examination, and achieved satisfactory results. So far, the expected innovative ideas have not appeared, and some people may doubt its necessity, but I don't feel worried, just as the accumulation process is long-term, The process of its emergence will not produce immediate results like the application of new management methods, but once innovative management ideas appear, the impact on the work of the Department will be huge and disruptive

strong feeling. However, anyone who can be called a manager is closely linked with. Because of the position of managers in the organizational system, their emphasis is different. Managers should have the triple of enterprise, society and individual at the same time, which is also the basic requirement for us to cultivate a qualified manager. Only when managers have a strong sense of responsibility can they quickly perceive the problems in their organization and consciously pay attention to them ideologically, so that it is possible to form new management ideas and related solutions in the short term. If managers do not have such a strong sense of indifference and turn a blind eye to them, then you will miss or even lose such opportunities

focus. The daily work of managers in the enterprise organization is very busy and confusing, and the specific work is one by one, and a manager's time and energy are limited, which objectively brings great impact on the ideological innovation of managers. The new product of American Jasmine group is a complete set

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