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Food safety supports sustainable packaging and leads the development of the industry - Stora Enso

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the 10th China Packaging Innovation and sustainable development forum was successfully held in Xi'an from October 30 to November 1, attracting domestic and foreign packaging experts, brands and media representatives from food, beverage, household chemicals, electronics and other industries to make you feel more at ease, Discuss safe and sustainable packaging solutions together

Ms. Lin Juan, product safety manager of Stora Enso consumer cardboard China, shared on the forum Stora Enso's advanced experience in safety control in raw material supply, production and logistics, and introduced how to deliver truly safe cardboard products to brands and consumers through strict quality control

Stora Enso applies the three major standards of FDA, GB and EU to the source of raw materials and every link of the production process at the same time, meeting the stringent safety requirements. The traceability system for the rotation of the advanced friction plate can complete the two-way traceability of raw materials and finished paperboard products with more than 200 employees in just 2 hours, helping packaging manufacturers and brands to achieve efficient and reliable quality supervision and tracking

food packaging paper containing fluorescent agents may migrate fluorescent agents into food during use, which is harmful to human health. The whole paper machine in Stora Enso Beihai factory only produces food grade paperboard products without fluorescent brighteners. Even if it is applied to non food terminal applications, it also strictly implements the production process of food grade standards to avoid cross contamination of the production line. Not using recycled pulp and putting an end to dyeing will add double insurance for product safety

Mr. Ma Ligang, vice president of sales of Stora Enso consumer paperboard in China, attended the meeting and said, "in recent years, the consumer goods market has paid more and more attention to the sustainable development of packaging. We are willing to work with brands to make green packaging in a real sense, reduce pressure on the environment and give back to society and consumers."

take the arctic deer high-grade food grade white card produced by Stora Enso consumer Paperboard Factory in Beihai, China as an example. The quality inspection has been carried out for 7 years and achieved remarkable results. It uses 100% raw wood pulp as raw material, which is not only renewable, recyclable and pollution-free, but also more environmentally friendly and hygienic than ordinary packaging paper. With innovative technology, "arctic deer" achieved high stiffness and high porosity while reducing gram weight, and calmly responded to high-performance requirements such as food printing and transportation. At this forum, arctic deer won the honor of "China Packaging Innovation and Sustainable Development Award" for its superior performance and sustainable performance

compared with the packaging of fossil based raw materials, the best contribution of renewable packaging based on wood to the environment lies in the low-carbon environmental protection of products. In the face of environmental challenges, Stora Enso is committed to becoming a global leader in circular economy, investing a lot of time and resources in sustainable development, using sustainable products and services to solve the challenges facing the earth and mankind, and achieving green industrial growth

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