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In recent years, food safety incidents have emerged in an endless stream, seriously threatening people's health and causing widespread concern in the whole society

after the Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival, fresh "spring vegetables" are about to appear on people's tables. For the fruit and vegetable pesticide residues, heavy metals, pork, beef, mutton, lean meat essence and water injection, aquatic products malachite green, etc. that consumers are concerned about, many local relevant departments actively prepare to build fast inspection rooms, enable fast inspection vehicles, or the Trinity fast inspection mode, and use relevant food analysis instruments to provide important technical support for food safety sampling work, and firmly hold the pass of "tip of the tongue safety" for citizens

Xiamen: 15 food safety quick inspection rooms will be built in the first half of the year

it is understood that seven quick inspection rooms have been built in Xiamen, Fujian Province. In addition, the food detection equipment in the rapid inspection room is complete to meet the measurement requirements of different experimental loads. There are food rapid inspection boxes, pesticide residue rapid detectors and other instruments, which basically cover all food rapid inspection items. It can quickly detect toxic and harmful residues in meat, rice flour oil, fruits and vegetables and other foods, and analyze indicators such as microorganisms, pesticide residues, and easily abused food additives within minutes. It is reported that this year, the city will start the construction according to the standard of "one quick inspection room". In the first half of the year, 15 quick inspection rooms will be built in the city to fully protect people's table safety

Gongyi: the food safety rapid inspection vehicle has been put into use.

it is reported that the food safety rapid inspection vehicle in Gongyi City, Henan Province has made its debut, which marks another sharp weapon in the field of food safety supervision in the city and will also provide a stronger guarantee for the food safety environment in the city. According to the staff, the rapid inspection vehicle is equipped with food safety rapid analyzer, pesticide residue detector and other instruments, which can realize the efficient, green, recyclable and lean meat essence manufacturing process of pesticide residues in meat, rice flour oil, vegetables and other foods, and promote the rapid detection of the development of bamboo fiber composites for automotive parts. It can be completed in 30 minutes. It has the advantages of high accuracy, fast and efficient, simple operation and so on

Yichun: the Trinity rapid inspection mode closely weaves food safety protection

it is understood that Yichun City, Jiangxi Province, has strengthened food safety supervision in a multi pronged manner and made every effort to build a "four in one" food safety protection. Among them, the market supervision department of the city attaches importance to strengthening the construction of quality inspection and monitoring system, and has invested more than 15 million yuan to set up food inspection rooms in farmers' markets and large supermarkets, initially forming a three-in-one quick inspection mode of inspection rooms, quick inspection vehicles and quick inspection stations of the supervision branch, which provides strong support for effectively ensuring the daily food safety of the masses and reassuring consumers

Weifang: promote transparent and rapid inspection and ensure the safety of the tip of the tongue

the author understands that Weifang City, Shandong Province, vigorously promotes the construction of rapid inspection of food safety and other measures to improve the discovery rate of problematic food, strictly control the entry of edible agricultural products into the market and stores, and safeguard the safety of the tip of the tongue of the people. The testing room is like a safety "firewall". It carries out sampling inspection of a variety of foods on the market batch by batch every day, and publicizes the inspection information. It can complete the task of fast food inspection of nearly 10000 batches every month, realizing the normalization of fast food inspection and the technicalization of food supervision, effectively improving the level of food safety assurance, and reassuring the people's food consumption

Hengshan: food safety quick inspection into villages and towns to protect people's table safety

recently, in order to ensure food safety during the holiday, Hengshan County, Hunan Province, drove food safety quick inspection vehicles into the county's farmers' markets, vegetable markets and township markets. The testing vehicle is equipped with professional food testing instruments to strengthen the supervision and testing of common vegetables, fruits, livestock and poultry meat and other foods consumed by citizens, as well as the rapid testing of food with large market demand and on-site processing raw materials, so as to strictly control food safety. Up to now, the rapid inspection vehicle has detected more than 100 batches of various kinds of food, and all of them are qualified food after rapid inspection, so as to ensure the "safety on the tip of the tongue" of residents

conclusion: there is no doubt that all kinds of food testing equipment equipped in both the fast food inspection room and the "mobile laboratory" - fast inspection car provide strong technical support for the supervision department to carry out sampling inspection. Through rapid sampling inspection, the relevant departments have made the inspection ahead of the risk, firmly built a "firewall" for food safety, improved the level of supervision with modern scientific and technological means, and ensured the safety of people's table food

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