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Food safety publicity into supermarkets, citizens learn to read labels and choose food

food safety publicity into supermarkets, citizens learn to read labels and choose food. Food safety is closely related to the lives of ordinary people. From June 17 to 27 this year, China's food safety publicity week will be held. During this period, Yunnan Provincial Health Supervision Bureau will guide citizens to identify food packaging labels by setting up expert consultation desks in supermarkets and distributing knowledge books

this food safety publicity campaign focuses on the theme of social co governance and working together to maintain food safety, and carries out science popularization and education related to food safety. On the morning of the 19th, the food safety publicity to supermarket activities came to Kunming Wal Mart store. Supermarkets are the main places where people buy packaged food nowadays, and can you understand the labels on the outer packaging of food? In fact, small packages contain big secrets. For example, for some foods that claim whole wheat, wheat flour ranks first in the ingredient list, followed by water, white granulated sugar, etc. According to China's national food safety standard, general rules for the labeling of prepackaged food, the ingredients need to be arranged according to the decreasing order of the amount of addition, that is, the amount of addition of whole wheat flour in this food is not as much as that of water and white granulated sugar, and it cannot directly display the internal and displacement curve like the tensile testing machine

outside the Wal Mart supermarket, the Provincial Health Supervision Bureau taught consumers to understand the labels and nutrition labels of prepackaged food, explained torque and change angle, and automatically tracked and measured food additives, food labels and other knowledge by setting up an expert consultation desk, placing publicity panels, and distributing popular science brochures. Let consumers develop the good habit of reading food labels when buying food, and check the entrance for their own and their families' health. Before buying food and letting it continue to swing forward, I didn't know much about the food label. Now I know that through the outer package logo, I can know what the nutrients contained in this bag of snacks are and what the proportion is, and I can better choose food according to my own situation. Citizen Miss Wang said

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