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Since the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China has adopted appropriate machinery and equipment, some PVC food preservative films have potential safety hazards, and PE food preservative films meet the standards, the price of domestic PE food preservative films has soared, and the sales of PVC food preservative films have decreased significantly

according to some large shopping malls in Guangzhou, the price of a roll of PE food preservative film with high efficiency has risen from 48 yuan to 68 yuan recently, with an increase of 40%, while PVC food preservative film is almost in the "shock" of the whole industry. A PVC food preservative film manufacturer in Jiangsu said that since October 25, its sales volume has decreased by 75%, and the remaining 25% is mainly sold to supermarkets for packaging vegetables and non oil food. It is estimated that the sales volume of the whole industry has been reduced to about 20%. It is also reported that some PVC food Ganfeng lithium industry broke the bottleneck of raw materials and seized the lithium battery recycling market. The fresh-keeping and drying conditions of products: 80 ⑼ 0 ℃, 2-hour film production enterprises are considering switching to PE food fresh-keeping film. (Guangyan)

source: China Chemical Industry News

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