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Food safety and aseptic packaging

aseptic packaging system and food safety system

when talking about the safety of cars, people always think of Volvo automobile company in Sweden. Volvo represents the safety attribute of the car. Its design concept is a culture based on "safety". When people talk about the good practices and experience of Food Safety Companies in the 3 and 6 work areas, they naturally think of Tetra Pak sterile packaging. Tetra Pak takes food safety as the company's philosophy. Through the rational use of WCM, fisqa, IRF, RD netwkg and other systems, Tetra Pak provides customers with a complete set of safety systems: "we are committed to ensuring that safe food is available anywhere". 244 insulating glass. What is the difference between sterile packaging and food safety, and what is the relationship between them

the sterilization procedure of sterile packaging is formulated for Clostridium botulinum, which is very heat-resistant and toxic in food, and adds a certain safety factor. Therefore, the bacterial hazards caused by sterile packaging products are rare, and the safety of sterile products is very high

the bad package of sterile packaging products is caused by accidental factors, which belongs to small probability events and accidental events. The generation of bad packages involves factors such as whether the sterilization conditions are sufficient, whether the packaging materials are complete, and whether the filling machine is normal. Food safety incidents are also accidental emergencies. The occurrence of harm involves ecological environment pollution; Improper use of detection methods and instruments; Imperfect management system; Personnel quality and education level are low; Political, economic and other factors

aseptic packaging, as a food packaging method with high safety, can provide reference and reference for the establishment and improvement of food safety system in many aspects, such as control principle and preventive measures

(1) the bad package produced by the sterile packaging system conforms to the statistical law and Murphy's law; The occurrence of food safety events is also a small probability and accidental event, and conforms to the above laws

(2) aseptic packaging system is the guarantee and commitment of a technical system to the implementation of products; The food safety system is the guarantee and commitment of a social system to the implementation of the food chain

(3) the key to commercial sterility is to monitor, record and adjust the key control points of sterile packaging system; The key to food safety is to supervise, record, track and respond quickly to the whole process of food production

(4) sterile packaging system emphasizes the controllability of the production process. There are two kinds of records: production records and instrument records; The food safety system emphasizes the supervision of enterprises and employees. A reporting system and a regular supervision system must be established

(5) HACCP method is often used in the production, control and management of sterile packaging products. This can be extended to other food and beverage industries. Food safety production can be achieved by implementing HACCP, GMP and ISO system management. At present, China has only a "food hygiene law", and there is an urgent need to issue a "food safety law" to determine, legalize and institutionalize raw and auxiliary materials, technical equipment, quality control procedures, operating norms and management systems

(6) aseptic packaging technology can be regarded as "hardware", while food safety system is a necessary "software". "Hardware" supports the function of "software", and "software" provides guarantee for "hardware"

(7) aseptic packaging is "tree"; Food safety is "forest". Twists and turns fixture why no trees become a forest? But sometimes I only see trees, not forests, "just because I am in this mountain"

risk coefficient and evaluation of food safety and aseptic packaging

risk coefficient method can be used to evaluate the risk of these two types of commitment and guarantee systems. It can eliminate those unimportant hazards and identify critical hazards at the same time. Where risk coefficient = frequency * severity of results

we can determine the type of risk according to the size of the risk coefficient, so as to take corresponding measures

bacteria are the main factors that cause food corruption, deterioration and harm its safety

summary: technically speaking, sterile packaging is a form of food processing and packaging with high safety and little damage to nutrition. Most of the events endangering food safety are sudden and accidental small probability events, which conform to the statistical law. Only when the factors of food safety are effectively controlled, can sterile packaging obtain the commitment of sterility and safety and play its effective role. Aseptic packaging system is the guarantee and commitment of a technical system to the implementation of products: food safety system is the guarantee and commitment of a social system to the implementation of the food chain. The relationship between the two is "special" and "general"

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