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Fool type inkjet printer

in addition to maintaining excellent product quality, food should also let consumers know the production date and storage date of products to avoid eating expired products. Therefore, inkjet printer plays an important role in food production line. Looking at the pattern of China's inkjet printer industry, since France's IMAS (IM's impeccable technical service team AJE) entered the Chinese market in 1989, Videojet, domino, Willet, Linx, wiedenbach, EBS, Hitachi and other companies have followed suit. In China, the business volume has been rising, and some have established multiple offices, Some have set up factories to assemble equipment in China. It can be said that the opening-up has ushered in the rapid development of these companies

What does foreign companies bring about?

in 1969, the world's first commercial ink inkjet printer was born in the U.S. vidige company, which created the history of inkjet printer. Since then, many companies around the world have launched small font ink inkjet printer, carton large font ink inkjet printer and other products. In the past 10 years, laser inkjet printer has been introduced and continuously improved. After opening up the European and American markets, the world's representative companies, such as dominoes in the UK, IMAS in France, vidigit in the US, Lingxin in the UK and Willy in the UK, began to enter China's huge food and beverage market

in 1989, French IMAS products entered the Chinese market, set up a factory in Xiamen and assembled equipment; In 1987, British domino entered China through agents. In 1995, China domino Inkjet Technology Co., Ltd. was established to establish an assembly plant in Beijing; In 1994, in order to truly understand the tension and pressure products that vidigit company of the United States had to bear, its agent company was global industrial equipment Co., Ltd; British Willie company established a factory in Zhuhai; In 1999, Lingxin Dajia (Guangzhou) packaging equipment Co., Ltd. officially became a subsidiary of British Lingxin company

these companies have established strong production, sales and service systems in China, and their products have become necessary equipment for food production lines. They will continue to improve the screen operation of inkjet printer, with Chinese display, and some will also carry out Chinese culture of program software. Domino Printing Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in Cambridge, England in 1978 and listed in London in 1985. At present, it has more than 1200 employees and has established branches in more than 120 countries and regions around the world

in 1995, China domino Inkjet Technology Co., Ltd. was established and headquartered in Beijing. The relevant person in charge of the company said that with the successive establishment of branches in 14 cities such as Guangzhou, Shanghai and Dalian, the installed number of domino laser machines and inkjet machines in China has exceeded the resolution. It is also more than 3000 that manufacturers need to consider comprehensively when designing and producing experimental machines. In 1997, it ranked first in the sales of laser inkjet machines in China. In 1998, it successfully passed the ISO9002 quality system certification and became the first ISO certified inkjet printer company in China. The continuous improvement of the company's products has led to a rising sales volume. Last year, the sales volume of Domino's Inkjet inkjet printer also jumped to the top in China

the pace of new product research and development has accelerated.

inkjet printers are mainly concentrated in beverage, beer, mineral water and other industries, but they also began to develop to wire and cable, non-staple food, cigarettes, batteries and other industries. The function of inkjet printing is not only to know its production date, but also to track potential problems and prevent counterfeiting. It can be said that the food industry is the largest market for inkjet printing machines

current inkjet printers can be divided into ink inkjet printers and laser inkjet printers. Ink inkjet printer product development is early, the price is cheaper than laser machine, and it still dominates the market. Ink jet printer is divided into continuous ink jet and instruction jet according to the principle; According to the font size, it is divided into small font and large font; According to the printing speed, it can be divided into super high speed, high speed, standard speed and slow speed; According to the power source, there are external air source (compressed air from the outside) and internal air source (from the built-in gear pump)

in 1993, vidige company of the United States launched 37etm small font continuous inkjet printer, which is designed for the needs of today's market. It has simple design and no complex operation symbols or keys, which can avoid the trouble of production stagnation caused by wrong keys. It uses a nozzle to continuously let down the air? Br the multi nozzle waiting jet printer often causes nozzle blockage; The computer-controlled ink system can automatically add ink and diluent, automatically monitor and adjust to maintain a certain ink concentration, maintain uninterrupted inkjet operation and exquisite inkjet printing quality. In 1994, the company reached an agreement with Lumonics to sell xymark and lasemark laser coding systems in North America and South America by measuring the length and cross-sectional area after fracture. In 1997, in order to enter the Chinese market, weidijie successfully launched a new generation of excel178i and 37plus enhanced inkjet printer. The 37plus inkjet printer is durable in structure, with stainless steel shell and the most durable parts, including sealed keyboard, With modern hydraulic system and refined stainless steel nozzle, 37plus has a unique function, which is self-made digital or symbol; Programmable shift code to automatically update the work shift. Therefore, the product can be tracked more accurately, and the programmable date automatically changes the self-set date. In order to meet the special needs of operation, it can also be connected to the computer network through the serial communication port. Therefore, it can find all functions, create messages and download data through the computer far away from the inkjet printer, or receive data transmitted from other machines

laser inkjet printer makes waves

it is understood that last year, laser inkjet printer became a new highlight of market sales. Because the laser inkjet printer prints a permanent mark that cannot be erased, this permanent mark can help identify specific products. Counterfeit products look very similar to genuine products, but because there is no laser inkjet, it is very easy to be identified. Therefore, the laser inkjet printer has an effective anti-counterfeiting function

Domino's DD3 dot matrix laser inkjet printer uses the patented rainbow TM7 laser tube technology for inkjet. Traditional laser machines mostly use a laser tube, which consumes a lot of energy, and the frequency of failure also increases. The new laser can print quickly under the voltage of 110 ~ 150 volts, and the body temperature will not rise. The seven laser tubes of DD3 occupy 1/7 of the line load respectively. At the same time, the simple optical principle is used to realize accurate coding printing, which improves the printing efficiency. When one or two of the seven laser tubes have problems, the production can proceed as usual. Just change the good laser tubes to the middle five positions, and simply tap on the keyboard or data line to convert the print format to five × 5 dot matrix, so there will be no missed play. The unique anti-counterfeiting code printing technology of this model has been applied to the "Hongtashan" cigarette box, playing a good anti-counterfeiting role

at the same time, the vector scanning laser series launched by Willie Asia Co., Ltd. and the "laser treasure" coding system of vidige have increased significantly

seek new breakthroughs in development

few domestic enterprises of inkjet printer have achieved scale, only a few such as Huanuo and zhihengda in Beijing. Facing the product competition of mature foreign enterprises such as the United States, Britain and France, we can't find other advantages except low price. In today's global competition environment, domestic production is no longer so important. Don't these big foreign enterprises also set up factories in China? How to develop and innovate is the main problem facing the new century

in terms of product quality, it requires low equipment maintenance rate, fast printing speed, many contents, easy automatic cleaning, and the simpler the operation is, the better. These problems have become the problems that global inkjet printer enterprises should solve

in view of China's huge market, major companies firmly grasp the Chinese culture topic of the interface, how to make the software program, touch screen and other operations clearer and easier to master, who can take the lead to easily solve this thorny problem, and the development of localization will be faster

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