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Forbes announced the top 50 listed companies in Asia: Tencent, Lenovo, Coolpad, etc.

Forbes Asia released the honor list of the top 50 listed companies in Asia Pacific. A total of 25 listed companies in China were listed on the list, accounting for half of the shares in Asia. Tencent once again topped the list of the most valuable companies (valued at $176.5 billion), Lenovo has been on the list for many years in a row, and the smart leading brand Coolpad has been on the list of the 50 best listed companies in Asia for the first time, which is the best annotation of Coolpad's rapid performance in the 4G era

it was revealed that Coolpad was listed on Forbes' list of the 50 best listed companies in Asia for the first time. The biggest reason was the rapid rise of Coolpad in the era of smart computers, especially the layout of the 4G strategy, which made Coolpad not only rank first in the industry in terms of the actual temperature in the low-temperature trough at this time, but also enter the top10 in the global market

it is reported that in the Chinese market, Coolpad has launched the c+ strategy, abandoned the past aircraft and sea tactics, focused on the high-quality strategy, and focused on building the botton series and Fengshang series. The company's sales revenue has reached a very considerable $50.2 billion. In the high-end market, it competes with apple and Samsung, and focuses on products of more than 1500 yuan in the middle-end market. It is expected that the market share of products of more than 1500 + will increase by more than 300% in 2015, Greatly increase Coolpad's share in the medium and high-end market. At the same time, Coolpad has made remarkable achievements in its overseas markets, and has been aggressive in Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other places. At present, it has entered more than 10 countries and markets in the European market, including 400 (L) 300 (b) 180 (H) mm countries and the United Kingdom; In the U.S. market, Coolpad 4G has sold more than millions of units; In the Southeast Asian market, Coolpad first entered India and other markets. In 2015, Coolpad officially entered Indonesia, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian markets with its own brand. It is understood that Coolpad's overseas market performance increased by 300% in 2014, and it is expected that the overseas market will reach a new high in 2015

it was revealed that Forbes selected the top 50 listed companies in the Asia Pacific this time with a set of strict selection criteria: select 50 companies from 1116 companies with annual revenue or total assets of no less than US $3billion and listed for at least one year, use 12 financial indicators to measure the companies participating in the election, and then reject companies with a large number of liabilities or 50% state-owned shares. Similarly, companies with 50% husband and wife shares were also excluded. The purpose of the event is to select the best high-performance blue chip stocks in the Asia Pacific region. Among the enterprises on the list this time, only Coolpad shows its leading position in the global market. Lenovo is on the list in the name of the group. Huawei, a popular enterprise, was excluded from the election because it is a non listed company; In addition, Alibaba, which was listed in September 2014, will have the opportunity to be selected in 2016

analysts pointed out that the change in the list not only marks the change in the ranking of listed companies. 2. The plastic recycling granulator reprocesses the waste plastics from ordinary life into plastic raw materials required by the enterprise, but also marks the change in the nature of business in this region and the change in the economic status and economic development of this country. In 2005, 12 listed companies in Japan were shortlisted, ranking first; Australia ranked second with 10 companies. By 2015, only one company from Japan was on the list, while Australia did not, indicating that Chinese enterprises are growing and becoming world leading enterprises

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