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In recent years, domestic food safety accidents have occurred frequently, from food additives to pesticide residues, showing that China's food safety problems are extremely serious. Among the current indicators of food safety, the detection of residual pesticides, veterinary drugs, fishery drugs, food additives and other parameters has attracted much attention. Therefore, the improvement of the technical level of medium and low-end rapid detection instruments is an inevitable factor to promote market growth. In the future, the potential market space of analytical instruments in the field of food safety testing in China will be more than 745billion yuan, of which the corresponding market of food processing enterprises is 400billion yuan and the corresponding market of testing institutions is 345billion yuan

the gradual activation and growth of the national infrastructure demand of belt 1 and road 1 in the detection instrument market will bring a long-term boost to the demand for bulk commodities. On the one hand, local food processing enterprises have increased the investment in food safety instruments and equipment and scientific research funds; On the other hand, domestic low-end testing instruments have entered the market, and the price lever has pried the rise of market demand

at present, China has more than 23000 inspection institutions at all levels, including agricultural product inspection and quarantine stations at all levels, centers for disease control, product quality supervision and inspection institutes/stations, import and export commodity inspection and Quarantine Bureau, "tongwenhong said, various environmental monitoring stations, and more than 400000 food processing enterprises. The research group pointed out that the purchase cost of the equipment that food enterprises meet the product testing is about 1million yuan, and the configuration cost of the testing equipment of the testing institutions is about 15million to 30million yuan. China is a big country in the production, consumption and export of agricultural products and food. At present, there are more than 400000 food processing enterprises. Today, the public pays more and more attention to food safety, which is destined to have a huge potential market for food safety testing instruments in the future. CIR conductivity is also a key function of composites

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