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On August 27, the analysis and summary of the domestic plastic market

core tip: traders are actively shipping, but there are few active purchases, and the on-site firm offer negotiation is weak. Only a small number of rigid purchases are needed, and there is room for profit in the actual transaction. Some manufacturers are willing to protect the market, but the raw material market has fallen significantly, and the market response to this move is flat

[futures market]

US crude oil (7:45): 39.25 up 0.65

● international oil price 26 closed down

US energy information administration data showed that US crude oil inventories decreased by 5.5 million barrels, but the increase in refined oil inventories was greater than expected and gasoline demand would decline seasonally. In addition, China's stock market continued to decline, which also dampened the atmosphere of the oil market. International oil price 26 closed down, and crude oil futures prices in New York closed down $0.71, At $38.6/barrel, Brent crude oil futures closed down $0.07 to $43.14/barrel

[today's news]

● plastic waste turns into a new type of "composite material"

Plastic waste in domestic waste is not easy to decay, and the simplest treatment method is landfill and incineration. However, both methods will pollute the environment. How to deal with garbage, especially plastic garbage, has become the biggest issue of environmental protection. The plastic wood produced by Luliang waste treatment plant is made of plastic waste in domestic waste. This process turns plastic waste into "composite materials", which not only makes plastic waste settle down, but also realizes the reuse of "waste by-products" and generates profits

● currency devaluation, the situation of the Mexican plastic industry is not optimistic

since the beginning of this year, the Mexican Peso has depreciated by 25% relative to the US dollar, which has aroused the concern of people in the Mexican plastic industry. On August 20, rafaelblanco, an industry consultant, said that 60% of Mexico's polymer processing needs to be imported. At present, the purchasing cost of resin dealers in Mexico has increased, and they said that they have not passed on the cost increase to customers

[Petrochemical trends]

● PE Petrochemical trends: Tianjin ethylene LLDPE plant is converted to 920nt, HDPE Plant pn049222wt is priced at 8750 yuan/ton, and the enterprise inventory is general

● PP Petrochemical trends: the first line of Shenhua Ningmei PP plant produces 2500h, the second line produces 1102k, the third line produces 1101s, and the fourth line produces 1100n

● PVC Petrochemical trends: about 60% of Tianjin Chemical PVC plant has been started, the shipment is general, and the price is temporarily stable. The ex factory quotation of 8.5/3 type materials is 5450 yuan/ton in cash exchange

● PS Petrochemical trends: the ex factory price of Yangzi BASF PS is stable, with benzene permeating 143e and 158k at 9800 yuan/ton, 165h at 9900 yuan/ton, benzene changing 466f and 476l at 9900 yuan/ton, 2710 at 10300 yuan/ton. The firm offer is negotiable

● ABS Petrochemical trends: at present, the supply of raw materials is tight, the start-up is reduced, the ex factory price of LG Yongxing ABS is stable, hi-121h is quoted at 11500 yuan/ton, the inventory is tight, and there is a discount for solid delivery

● pet Petrochemical trends: the price of Yizheng Chemical fiber polyester bottles and chips is temporarily stable, the short delivery of water bottle materials and hot filling materials is 6800 yuan/ton, the high delivery of oil bottle materials and carbonated materials is 100 yuan/ton, the volume is large, and there is some inventory

[early evaluation and prediction of plastics]

● PE early evaluation: yesterday, the market price was sorted out in a narrow range. The former Xi'an University of Electronic Science and technology east transmission, north electric power South transmission and other major projects adopted the rebound of high-strength superconducting cable oil and the high opening of linear futures, which had a limited boost to the market. PetroChina and Sinopec maintained stable factory prices and supported the cost of goods supply. At present, there are widespread worries in the market, and there are not many transactions between buyers and sellers. Cautious wait-and-see has become the mainstream of the market, The overall trading atmosphere is relatively weak, and the market quotation reference of various places: Tianjin market weak consolidation, 9020 reported 8850 yuan/ton, Shanghai market consolidation, Daqing 2426h reported 10150 yuan/ton, Dongguan market narrow consolidation, Fushun 7042 tax-free 8850 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the market will continue to weaken today

● PP early review: yesterday's market price consolidation was dominated, crude oil rebounded and polypropylene futures opened higher, which gave limited boost to the market. Individual companies of PetroChina and petrochemical still lowered their prices. Many merchants were cautious in the aftermarket, and they mainly sold goods on a firm basis. There was little willingness to replenish their positions. Downstream appropriate purchases were made on demand. Reference to local market prices: Linyi market weak consolidation, Nanjing coal 1102k reported 7750 yuan/ton, Changzhou market weak overcast, Yan'an refinery T30S reported 7900 yuan/ton, The market price in Guangzhou fell, and Guangxi l5e89 was reported at 7850 yuan/ton

forecast today: it is expected that the market will fluctuate slightly today

● PVC morning review: yesterday's market quotation fell steadily, and the trading deadlock was difficult to break. Traders have a strong bearish mood, and it is very difficult to ship. Some businesses are difficult to maintain stability and continue to loosen their offer in order to ship. Downstream factories are not willing to stock goods, and continue to purchase on demand. Market reference: the Guangzhou market fell back, with electric stone yuan/ton; Shandong market is stable, with Xinfa 5250 yuan/ton; The shipment in Hangzhou market was poor, and Yihua picked up 5290 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that today's market will be difficult to improve

● PS early review: yesterday's market quotation continued to fall slightly, with few overall trading. The mentality of the industry still needs to be restored. There is a strong wait-and-see mood in the venue, and merchants are mainly light warehouse operations. Downstream inquiry intention is not strong, buyers are more cautious in purchasing, mainly small orders. Quotation reference: the market price in Dongguan continued to fall, with Ning 5250 falling 20 yuan to 8480 yuan/ton; Shunde market prices fell steadily. Zhan1 grating was called the main grating. Jiangxin Zhongmei 525 reported 8300 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that today's market will still fall slightly

● ABS morning review: yesterday, the overall market trend was weak, and some quotations fell. The mainstream of the market is still bad, the actual transaction situation is not ideal, and the trading order continues to be deadlocked. The downstream receiving capacity is limited, and the market shipment is relatively slow. Market reference: Dongguan market prices fell steadily, Taiwan 15a1 fell 100 yuan to 9800 yuan/ton; The market price in Shantou fell narrowly, with 757K falling by 50 yuan to 9900 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the market will maintain a downward trend today

14. Stretching space (mm):600~1000 ● PET bottle chip early review: yesterday, the market price fell steadily, the crude oil rebounded, but the boost effect was weak, the upstream raw material market was still weak, and some enterprises reduced the ex factory price, the support of supply cost was weakened, and the downstream inquiry atmosphere was poor. The transaction price of the firm offer depended on the order. Market reference: East China water bottle material was at yuan/ton, South China water bottle material was at yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that today's market will still have the power to act

● early review of pet waste recycling: yesterday, the market price was stable, the wool market was still light, the washing factory was cautious, and it was difficult to have the willingness to increase the purchase price of wool bottles. The supply of recycled bottle chips was general, the purchase of chemical fiber factories was negotiated according to the facts, and most of them were concentrated on old customers. The payment collection cycle was about a week. At present, the merchants' wait-and-see mentality was mainstream, and the operation was dominated by homeopathy. Market reference: the machine white chips in the East China market were in yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the market situation will be deadlocked today

[waste market news]


● market reference of LDPE particles imported from Xuchang: water washing materials, white transparent particles, secondary 7400, ordinary, titanium white

● market quotation reference of imported high-pressure particles in Foshan: high quality grade I particles are in yuan/ton; Secondary particles yuan/ton; The main stream of grade III particles is reported as yuan/ton

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