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At the end of May 2011, the Supreme Court issued a notice stressing that it required courts at all levels to intensify efforts to severely punish various crimes endangering food safety and related dereliction of duty crimes. Today, with the gradual accumulation and amplification of food safety contradictions, sports inspection may be essential to control the problem that food safety enterprise standards are usually stricter than industry standards and national standards, but in the long run, strengthening the supervision and inspection functions of institutions at all levels is the long-term plan to curb food safety crimes. Among them, the lack of supervision means of grassroots inspection and inspection institutions is not only an excuse to shirk their duties, but also a considerable phenomenon and, er, a problem to be solved. Therefore, the market of low-cost, low-cost and easy-to-operate rapid detection and screening instruments is promising, which can enrich and enrich the multi-level needs of the food safety detection instrument market, and has both social and economic practical significance

food safety management has been seriously investigated, and the investment potential of the detection instrument industry has been accelerated.

crimes against food safety are often accompanied by abuse of power by administrative supervision departments and staff. Therefore, if the experimental machine itself does not have a high intensity, it will occur at random, exposing the phenomenon that the administrative department performs the responsibility of food safety supervision, which seriously damages the credibility of the government. Management is of great importance, but the investment in technical means can also reflect the government's attention to food safety on the other hand. Many grass-roots food quality inspection units are facing the problems of insufficient inspection equipment and backward inspection methods. The government needs to increase investment in food inspection and testing equipment in the quality inspection system, focus on improving the inspection and supervision ability of grass-roots quality inspection departments on food safety, and improve grass-roots working conditions and testing level. Enterprises also need to invest in testing equipment, strictly implement the quality and safety management system according to the existing standards, and undertake due social responsibilities

the investment in the food testing industry coincides with the zero line of the dial. At present, the investment is mainly concentrated in the testing instruments and equipment and supporting reagents. There are hundreds of thousands of formal food processing enterprises registered in industry and Commerce in China. In addition to enterprises, food and agricultural product quality supervision and inspection institutions at all levels, import and export inspection and quarantine bureaus, universities and scientific research institutions are the main customers of the testing instrument and equipment market. The purchase of food testing instruments mainly includes conventional physical and chemical analysis instruments, rapid screening testing instruments, food quality component testing instruments, and various pesticides, veterinary drugs, food additives, heavy metals, microorganisms and other testing instruments, involving a wide variety. Among them, there are not only special equipment for rapid screening, but also general analytical instruments that can be used in petrochemical, environmental, pharmaceutical and other fields. The investment potential is not limited to the field of food safety

grasp the entry point of medium and low-end rapid detection instruments, and make full use of the advantages of industrial performance price ratio

in the first quarter of 2011, although the market was in the off-season, it still increased to a certain extent compared with the same period. On the one hand, the prosperity of the testing instrument market is due to the increased investment of local food processing enterprises in food safety instruments and equipment and scientific research funds; On the other hand, domestic low-end testing instruments have entered the market, and the price lever has pried the rise of market demand. Among the current indicators of food safety, the detection of residual pesticides, veterinary drugs, fishery drugs, food additives and other parameters is the most concerned. Therefore, the improvement of the technical level of medium and low-end rapid detection instruments is an inevitable factor to promote market growth

the localization of food safety testing instruments and reagents in China is still in the early stage of growth, and the market players are still foreign-funded high-end instrument manufacturers, such as angilent, Thermo Fisher, Shimadzu, Japan, etc. Foreign funded enterprises have strong technical strength, mature and stable products, and high brand awareness; However, the product price is high, the maintenance and repair costs are expensive, and there are not many low configuration models to choose from, which is a great burden for domestic equipment purchasers, and is not conducive to the improvement of testing methods of domestic institutions. If there is a strong breakthrough in the market and industrialization of domestic medium and low-end detection instruments, the cost performance advantage of domestic instruments is bound to accelerate the multi-level detection demand of the market and improve the overall level of domestic food safety detection means

domestic analytical instrument enterprises with high growth can make full use of the financing channels of the capital market. The overall number of domestic food safety listed companies (including overseas listing) is small, but they all cultivate the food safety business as an important profit growth point in the future. At present, there are only a few listed companies with food safety testing instruments, such as Da'an gene, sunny Hengping, Tianrui instrument and spotlight technology, which strengthen their business strength through different operation modes. Foshan Dayuan Food Safety Technology Co., Ltd., in which Daan gene has a 40% stake, has detectable products involving clenbuterol, melamine, pesticide residues and other harmful substances; Through cooperation with foreign-funded companies, sunny Hengping focuses on breaking through the core technology of spectrum, chromatography and mass spectrometry instruments; Tianrui instrument not only increased investment in core technology, but also established an application method research center to design and promote solutions around applications

the current domestic capital market environment is very beneficial to scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises. Domestic analytical instrument enterprises are mainly typical technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises. Improving the core technology competitiveness of enterprises requires a lot of investment in research and development costs. At present, the multi-level capital market system is gradually becoming clear, and enterprises have the conditions to choose the appropriate way of raising funds according to the actual situation of operation. The overall direction of the national policy is to give full play to the cultivation and promotion of small and medium-sized board market, gem market, equity agency system and other scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises. Qualified non listed joint-stock companies in national high-tech zones can enter the agency system, scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises that meet the listing conditions can be listed on the gem for financing, and smaller scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises can enter the restructuring process and operate in a standardized manner in advance. China's domestic analytical instrument technology is generally backward, so it is necessary to use the capital market to input power to small and medium-sized enterprises, give play to the role of the market in the transformation of technological achievements and realize industrialization, and form the linkage effect of technology, market and industrialization

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