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Analysis on the application of environmental protection board in modern life with the improvement of people's living standards and attention to the home environment, the decoration pollution and formaldehyde volatilization left by the home decoration process have become people's heart disease. The most serious formaldehyde emission in home decoration is all kinds of glues. The "board" with the most glue is used in every corner of the family, bringing people worry and trouble

only with healthy home decoration can we ensure a healthy body and match the warmth of home. In the face of the market environment in which the products in the plate market are intermingled with good and bad products, the content of various formaldehyde seriously exceeds the standard, and endangers the physical and mental health of consumers, the fine wood craftsman takes it as his duty to promote the green process of the industry. In order to improve the product grade and the consumption environment, he has developed and produced a new generation of E0 grade and net aldehyde grade environmental protection plates

at present, the company's products are a new generation of environmentally friendly products whose formaldehyde emission reaches the European EI standard, which has solved the problem of "formaldehyde" that has plagued China's building materials and decorative materials industry for many years. The company is in the ranks of environmental protection, with environmental protection as the focus, and is committed to the production of anti-corrosion, insect proof multi-functional environmental protection plates to meet different market needs

the use of E0 grade products in home decoration has long been a hard standard in European and American countries. In China, home decoration is still E1 level standard. The promotion of E0 grade plates is not only a more strict requirement for fine wood craftsmen, but also a responsibility to consumers

with the continuous development of science and technology in recent years, pollution has become particularly serious. In this context, the importance of environmental protection has gradually been concerned by people. Looking into the future and paying attention to people's livelihood, fine craftsman will continue to support environmental protection, promote environmental protection, practice environmental protection, keep pace with the times and walk with health

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