Rural style creates refreshing decoration

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Fresh patterns easily grasp the blue-green theme

the living room is decorated like an aquarium, the fireplace wall is inlaid with blue-green glass bricks, and the shapes of fish, turtles and so on are also cleverly fixed on the wall. Above the fireplace, there is a flat screen TV, which looks like a picture with dynamic effects. In addition, the blue-green sofa with flower patterns and the bags with the same color and different shapes decorate the living room with more marine characteristics

the fabric art is comfortable

the living room is mainly white and blue-green. The blue-green flower fabric sofa determines the cool theme of the living room, and the sky blue stripe pattern and the figure modeling in swimsuits play a key role. Layered hues can enhance depth and appeal, which is reflected in decorations and fine wood furniture. White tea tables and shells placed in trays just play a role of white space and decoration

break the dry and hot layout

the sliding rail door used in the living room allows the room to shine full of sunshine. The breathable window, side light, white edge decoration, and dado on the door are combined with a series of fabric art, as well as the use of soft blue-green tones, making the living room more light and bright. In addition, the design and decoration of the fireplace also take coolness as the theme, and the way of blue-green glass bricks with white stones and marine organisms breaks the hot and dry room atmosphere

cool dress of fireplace

the glass bricks on the mantel are crystal clear, as clean and natural as the baptism of the sea. Collage the blue and green of different colors in the same color system, and inlay the lovely fish and turtles in it, which will add a lot of childlike fun

simple design, ingenious enjoyment of summer meals

the restaurant is next to the living room, with a small area, but it is tightly surrounded by the sunshine outside. The white long table and the white ventilation window make the atmosphere here quiet and elegant. In order to echo the theme of the living room, the dining chair chooses the same blue-green color as the sofa. In addition, crystal chandeliers, blue and white ceramic cans and starfish also highlight the marine flavor of the restaurant





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