Warmly celebrate the success of Meijiabao's search

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On August 2, Meijiabao held a grand and wonderful new product launch at Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center. The singer's clear voice won bursts of applause from the audience, and the dance show was colorful, raising the atmosphere of the exhibition to the climax. Rome, oxygen power, Milan fashion, Hyde blue, best partner and other new products won the best shape, the most popular, the judges' recommendation, fresh and environmental protection, the best combination and other awards respectively. In particular, the new generation 2 oxygen power base membrane has been highly praised and pursued by field colleagues because of its unique product quality and innovative product concept

the vigorous promotion of Meijiabao in this exhibition not only increased the brand influence in the industry, but also strengthened the confidence of dealers in long-term cooperation with Meijiabao. Sunyongjian, the leader of the wallpaper industry and the general manager of Guangzhou Heshi Bi paper, said that in the future development, Heshi Bi paper will establish a more solid permanent strategic cooperation policy with Meijiabao to jointly lead the win-win development of the wallpaper industry. Shao, the general manager of Golden Harbor Decoration Co., Ltd., the exclusive agent of Meijiabao in Lanzhou, said in the interview that Meijiabao can not only have a stable guarantee of the existing quality of products, but also keep forging ahead and innovate product functions, bring full confidence to the development of Lanzhou market in the future and contribute to a better quality home environment. In addition, Mr. Zeng Hongxing, general manager of Jiangxi Hongxing wallpaper, and evergreen enterprise of Chinese wallpaper industry &mdash& mdash; Mr. Tian Jinhe, general manager of Beijing telika, and other outstanding leaders of famous enterprises in the industry made high comments and appreciation on Meijiabao, and said that the cooperation with Meijiabao would be more in-depth in the future

thanks to the support of these strategic partners and the hard work of Meijiabao, this new product launch has achieved great success. Meijiabao will not live up to the expectations of dealers across the country and the whole industry, and will continue to surpass and pursue excellence! Achieve the industry champion cause, realize the century old brand dream, and create more brilliant achievements and values for the industry and dealers




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