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[] at present, home decoration has become a hot topic among the people. Some people praise the good decoration quality, some criticize the poor quality, and many more people go to court because of home decoration disputes. Recently, among the home decoration owners contacted by the author, they almost shouted that they were cheated, and home decoration gave them endless distress

◆ acquaintances have a hard time buying materials. I can't tell.

in the process of home decoration, many owners like to entrust people to find relationships, thinking that it can not only save money, but also trust the quality. Who knows, some unscrupulous businessmen are taking advantage of this opportunity. Ms. Zheng wanted to paste tiles on the wall of her kitchen, so she went to the building materials market to buy the required tiles through a friend's introduction. Introduced by acquaintances, Ms. Zheng took a fancy to a good ceramic tile. Through the face of her friends, she bought it at a 60% discount. Ms. Zheng saved hundreds of yuan and thought it was worth it

when the bricklayer finished tiling, Ms. Zheng found something wrong. The appearance is the same as the pattern, but how does the color and glaze look wrong? How does it feel different from the sample I see? Ms. Zheng said. Later, I went to another friend's shop selling ceramic tiles and found that it was really different. Mine had the same pattern as the expensive one, but the process was different and the manufacturer was different. Alas, it's a pity that it's all pasted. There's no way. I thought I took advantage of it, but I lost a lot

coincidentally, Ms. Liu customized cabinets in a cabinet store through a friend's introduction. I didn't expect that I found an acquaintance, and the result was a lot of bad things. Recalling this matter, Ms. Liu is still furious. It has been 100 days since the beginning of the design, and this cabinet has not been customized. Because they were all friends, but later I really didn't recruit. I called the boss and asked him. He said that the designer quit and let him take away the design drawings. What puzzled Ms. Liu was that why didn't they send another designer to design the gauge? After many setbacks, the goods arrived 70 days later than the expected installation time. The installer installed it at my home, and compared it to each other. Finally, he told me that he couldn't install it. I was going to collapse when I heard that he hadn't installed this kind of cabinet. Regardless of her friend's face, Ms. Liu picked up the phone and vented her anger to the cupboard owner. Finally, another master came. At the last step of installation, the master told Ms. Liu another thing, like a bolt from the blue: Madam, the Roman column of your cabinet has not been done, so it can't be installed. Replenishment takes 20 days. Looking at the half installed cabinet, Ms. Liu had no choice but to wait. After 20 days, Ms. Liu got the news that the Roman column had not been done yet. Wait. Ms. Liu immediately decided to return the goods

it's really hard to find acquaintances to deal with affairs, which also affects the friendship between friends. It's troublesome. Ms. Liu said

◆ procrastination tactics are fast talking and slow acting

when encountering procrastination tactics, it is a worry that almost every home decoration owner will encounter. Ms. Wu, who just got the key to her new house, decided to hand over the home decoration project to the decoration company, which saved her worry and effort. So I found a decoration company and agreed to start construction in a few days after negotiation at a price of more than 30000




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