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The low-carbon and environment-friendly ecological door protects the health of our family. In today's noisy era, we look for the lost natural life, feel the beauty of nature in the luxurious life, and enjoy the quality of artistic life

in today's era, we are pursuing environmental friendly and healthy home life. Panpan eco door new series brings us low-carbon environmental friendly wooden doors to isolate noise and enjoy the tranquility at the moment

eco gate is based on nature and uses natural conditions and artificial means to create a comfortable and healthy product that is conducive to living. "Eco gate" is a concept derived from "eco home"

the key of ecological home is environmental protection and health. It is higher than the standard of "green home". It has not only hardware requirements, but also humanistic needs, and pays attention to the harmonious coexistence between man and nature. "Ecological door" should be an element of "ecological home". In this sense, ecological door should pay attention to ecology, the harmony between man and nature, and should be a humanistic product. Ecological doors should have more social connotations than the usually seen solid wood doors and composite doors

the door structure of the ecological door is made of integral die casting, so that it can achieve the effect of seamless, sealed and sound insulation. As for the facade materials, different materials are used, including imported metal plates, polymer organic plates, imported decorative panels, and leather. No matter what panel, the most important thing is to be free of environmental pollution and strive to be environmentally friendly

Panpan eco gate creates luxury products, combined with natural and fresh breath, so that you can enjoy the pastoral style and feel the natural fragrance in modern cities

family members are the most cherished relatives in our life. If we love them, we will give them a healthy home life. Panpan ecological gate will create a low-carbon and environmental friendly living environment for you, allowing you to enjoy luxury and feel the natural atmosphere




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