Tangle when the owner meets the decoration guerril

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According to a survey, more than 80% of decorators have encountered problems in the decoration, and they are helpless because of the difficulty and high cost of safeguarding their rights

more than 80% of decorators have difficulties in providing evidence in case of entanglement, and the cost of safeguarding their rights is high.

more than 80% of adults have encountered decoration problems.

according to the survey, 81 out of 100 Citizens said they had encountered problems in decoration. There are also many problems encountered, including quality problems such as environmental protection, which are ranked first, followed by decoration delays, false advertising, designers' kickbacks, Overlord clauses, home decoration unauthorized addition of items and money, and so on

in the face of decoration problems, 63% of the 100 Citizens surveyed said that after communicating with businesses, decoration companies and other rights protection, the problem was finally solved. However, 37% of citizens said that safeguarding rights was unsuccessful

what are the reasons for unsuccessful rights protection when home decoration encounters problems? According to the survey, some of them are looking for guerrillas to decorate. These "guerrillas" have no fixed homes. After encountering decoration quality problems, the decorators have been unable to find the responsible party

there are also difficulties in safeguarding rights, because decorators cannot provide evidence for safeguarding rights, and the cost of collecting evidence for safeguarding rights is high




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