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Chairman Sany is demanding on product quality and is determined to pursue high quality. Chairman Sany is demanding on product quality and is determined to pursue high quality. Introduction to China Construction Machinery Information: an industrialist should be as calm and strict as a technician who leads the development of new benchmark manufacturing machines for engineering plastics. If you really want to do something, you must calculate the friction of every smallest screw. Chairman Gorky Liang Wengen is kind-hearted, open-minded and cheerful (9) building blocks and humor, rarely

an industrialist should be as calm and strict as the technician pointed out by lijianbo who makes machines. If you want to make a real career, you will have to calculate the friction of each smallest screw so that the work consumed in the impact sample can be directly read out after impact

-- Gorky

chairman Liang Wengen is kind, open-minded, cheerful and humorous, and rarely gets angry. However, an old employee who has followed chairman Liang for many years still has fresh memories of chairman Liang getting angry about painting a trailer pump

in 1997, Sany trailer pump, which was put into the market for only one year, created one domestic record after another and gained great reputation through the on-site demonstration of a number of major projects such as the new terminal of Capital International Airport and the main building of Shenzhen SEG square. For a while, orders from all over the country flew in like snowflakes. The company worked overtime day and night, and the products were still out of stock. Many customers had to queue up to pick up the goods. In this regard, the employees are both happy and anxious. As a result, some employees are relaxed about product quality

a towing pump with the number of 973273 will enter the next process painting after grinding. However, after inspection, one of the parts on the distribution valve of this pump is unqualified and needs to be replaced. At that time, there was no spare parts in the warehouse, and the customer was in a hurry. The leader in charge of production decided to spray paint first, and then replace the parts when they arrived. Chairman Liang was very angry and decided to deal with it strictly. However, what embarrassed him was that the leader in charge of production was an old superior of the Arsenal where he used to work. He had rich work experience and dared to take charge. After his retirement, he was hired by himself to take charge of production management; Besides, the leader was also eager to do so in order to seize the time and deliver the goods on time

after much thought, chairman Liang finally believed that there were no objective conditions for violating the quality standards and heavy penalties must be imposed! As chairman of the board, he took the lead in punishing himself. Then, the production leader and the quality assurance minister were punished accordingly. At the same time, chairman Liang, like everyone else, made a profound inspection on this matter

since the establishment of Sany, chairman Liang has been constantly thinking about how Sany should develop and what is the most valuable contribution to the society, so as to win the wide recognition of the society and truly realize the ideal of serving the country through industry. Some people will say that paying more taxes, providing more jobs to the society and providing more benefits to employees are the most valuable. Of course, these are also the pursuits of enterprises, but he thinks that this is not the core. Otherwise, why don't these indicators exist when selecting the world's top 500 companies and the world's most respected companies every year

in his opinion, Sany, which focuses on manufacturing, has been pursuing and creating high-quality products and services in the process of transforming traditional industries with high and new technologies, so as to promote the upgrading of the industry to the world-class level, lead the development of the industry, and then widely affect people's production, work or lifestyle, making contributions to the progress of human civilization. This is the core value that Sany should constantly pursue. In short, it is to promote the progress of human civilization by creating excellent quality, that is, "quality changes the world"

in order to fully implement the core concept of "quality changes the world" advocated by Chairman Liang, the company focuses on research and development. Only a few key parts are assembled and produced in the intermediate manufacturing process. All important parts are purchased globally, and general parts are supplied with domestic kits. Therefore, Sany has product patents, structural parts and first-class assembly quality that can not be imitated by others

for example, for the paver, the hydraulic components are from Rexroth, the reducer is from bruvini, Italy, the crawler is from BOCO, Italy, the bearings are from inna and fag, the pneumatic box is from KTR, the electric control equipment is from Siemens, the wear-resistant steel plate is from a Swedish company, and the chain is from an American company, A large number of other general parts are produced by domestic enterprises

in order to ensure the quality of domestic supporting parts, Sany has repeatedly selected and determined more than 100 enterprises among thousands of manufacturers nationwide to provide supporting parts. The company has specially sent more than 100 quality assurance personnel to these manufacturers to extend the product quality management to upstream manufacturers

in order to ensure the product assembly quality, the company pays close attention to the quality control of the production process, and has successively passed three quality demonstrations, such as ISO9002, ISO9001 and German TUV; Employees who do not operate in accordance with the rules shall be severely punished. The notice issued by the quality assurance department can often be seen in the new product development workshop: "the zm10 of sy200 left platform to be processed by the driller, Mr. Wei, is not processed, and the frame workers of lhu90 left and right platforms are unqualified. After the repair welding and rework, they are transferred to the next process without being submitted for inspection. According to the company's administrative punishment regulations, a notice of criticism is given, and 15 points are deducted." The direct economic loss of 150 yuan caused by deducting 15 points is small, and you have to leave after deducting a certain number of points, so that every employee dare not take it lightly? Under the personal intervention of chairman Liang, 800 complaints were directly installed in the chairman's office and 24-hour uninterrupted service was implemented. He said that the voice of customers is the most objective evaluation of Sany products. As a senior enterprise, if we can not fully grasp the needs and ideas of customers and timely improve product quality, there will be deviations in business decisions

"product quality is the lifeline of an enterprise. We should not be careless. To identify with Sany culture, we must first identify with Sany's' quality culture '. We should pursue high quality in products and in people." Chairman Liang's sonorous words were resounding

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