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Trinity American crawler crane engineer John lanning

Trinity American crawler crane engineer John lanning

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Guide: crawler crane is almost all I have. I love this cause and I like to accept challenges in a new environment. I may only know two things: crawler cranes and eating. Lanning, an American old man in his 60s who always jokes with young people, likes to tease himself like this

"crawler crane is almost all I have. I love this business. I like to accept challenges in the field of lithium battery materials in a new environment."

"I may only know two things: crawler cranes and eating." Lanning, an American old man in his 60s who always jokes with young people, likes to tease himself like this

listen to the voice of customers

in January 2010, John lanning joined Sany as the head of the Department of light pressure on objects caused by a large number of photons with momentum shining on objects in Sany America, and presided over the research and development of scc8300 crawler crane for high-end markets in Europe and the United States

lanning, who has worked in manitowak for many years, attaches great importance to listening to customers' voices. In the first six months of the project, they visited a large number of customers, from Europe to the United States, from Guangzhou to Shenyang, and they collected a large number of first-hand customer needs

according to the survey, the European and American standards require that the transportation weight of the crawler crane is less than 45 tons, while the scc3200 of Sany weighs 61 tons, so it is too difficult to reduce 16 tons. Wan Hua, director of the organization office, complained to lanning. Lanning's answer is: it must be done. "There is no way out. We can only calm down and sort out our ideas from beginning to end. What can be adjusted and what can be simplified. After improving again and again, we finally achieved Inner Mongolia Shangtai Industrial Co., Ltd. which is incredible." Wanhua said with emotion

an extension of design for customers is design for production. To this end, lanning has set up a cross functional team, with the participation of technical personnel from business, quality assurance, manufacturing and other departments. The product design is reviewed every week, and is directly presided over by liujinjiang, President of Sany Research Institute. Lanning often came to the production line to listen to the workers' opinions. This advantage of design based on production has been well reflected in production, and there are basically no problems in the production of the three major parts

led by the Department and presided over by liujinjiang himself, this cross functional team operates efficiently, changes the difficulties and delays in design coordination in the past but still needs to be improved in some areas, and makes a useful exploration for the management of R & D projects. Now, this cross functional team has been promoted in Sany Research Institute of science and technology

think again

what are the steps for Chinese engineers to design a new product? Maybe it is: study the benchmark, refer to the benchmark, follow the benchmark. However, this approach has encountered difficulties here in lanning

at the beginning, according to the past habit, everyone gave lanning the drawings that were not satisfied with themselves but "almost passed the test". Lanning remained calm. While the engineer was casually explaining, lanning suddenly made efforts to "why" one by one, like basins of cold water, which made the engineer speechless and sweating. At this time, lanning took out a Wangwang snow cake and gave it to him. He joked and relaxed the atmosphere

people often make an appointment with his assistant: "I have a question I want to communicate with Mr. lanning. It will take ten minutes." The answer was: "there is never a problem that can be discussed in ten minutes in Mr. lanning's place." Sure enough, after an hour and a half long discussion, the engineer's plan was overturned by 80%, and such cases occurred frequently

lanning told them that when designing products, they should change their thinking mode. Design is not to copy mechanically, not to complete the task, but to ask yourself, what is the purpose of your product? What kind of structure can achieve this goal? Is there a better way? Engineers must have a deep understanding of the product before they can design the product

after a period of time, the change took place quietly. This seemingly merciless approach to discussion was not excluded, but welcomed by team members. All of us are young people with flexible minds and passion. They obviously love this kind of work method that requires meditation and even brainstorming. The design given to lanning is obviously more creative and soul

although strict in his work, the humorous lanning is also the source of happiness for the 8300 team. Like most Americans, he is a "fan" of coke and hamburger. After coming to China, he loved Wangwang snow cakes very much and said with a smile, "Wangwang snow cakes are eaten by 10-year-old children. I like them very much." His translator affectionately called him "a grandfather fell from the sky"

for him, work is not a mechanical task, but another kind of life, inseparable from life. On weekends, he can study product promotion books all day; When he can't sleep in the early morning, he will think about how to meet customer requirements. His assistant worried that he was too lonely and tried to take him to Shanghai, but lanning refused every time. In lanning's opinion, giving him time to think quietly is the greatest happiness

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