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Sany customer's personal statement: the original pure parts and components are awesome

Sany customer's personal statement: the whole processing cycle of the original pure parts and components is much shorter than that of the original 12 hours of pre immersion and 3 hours of RTM process. Awesome

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there is an advertisement saying: "purity is enough." Some experts pointed out that for the purchase of construction machinery parts, only the parts carefully manufactured by the original manufacturer specifically for the characteristics of the equipment can make the machine operate normally and carry out lasting construction. So, what is the position of Sany's pure accessories in the minds of customers? How awesome are pure accessories? Let's listen to the customer's experience

huhaibing: a penny, a penny of goods

the production supervisor of Jiangsu Jinniu Concrete Co., Ltd. has used Sany pure accessories for three years

I have three experiences in purchasing accessories: first, we must choose brands and pure accessories, because the quality is guaranteed, the filling speed of soft packaging is not up to the speed of common packaging boxes, and the cycle is long. Take the pump pipe of a pump truck for example. A pump truck needs to hit hundreds of cubic meters of concrete every day, so the pump pipe is a vulnerable part, and its durability is very important. Each set of Sany pump pipe can reach 10000 tons/day in the two parks. 3km of water supply main pipe has been laid and water supply has been realized; 110000 volt substation has been completed and put into use; 9 staff apartments have been completed and can be put into use; The service center building is undergoing interior decoration; Huangguan Avenue, Zhongxin Avenue and other basic projects are undergoing design scheme optimization... At present, there are more than 5000 square meters, while the miscellaneous pump pipes can only be used for 20000 square meters at most, and the service life of Sany pump pipes is much longer. At the same time, equipment using pure accessories is not easy to fail

second, service is very important. After all, service personnel are experts in parts replacement and maintenance. They will provide the most timely and correct solutions. Sany's service is the best in the country, which is well known in the industry

third, I usually prepare oneortwo more sets of commonly used accessories, such as spectacle plates, cutting rings, pump tubes, etc., in case of need. A penny, a penny, this is my personal experience

liutongjiang: the accessories must be good from the original factory

the equipment supervisor of Hefei ruiyue industry and Trade Co., Ltd. has used Sany pure accessories for 7 years

I always believe that the accessories must be good from the original factory. No matter how other brands imitate them, there are still differences, because the original accessories are produced in sets with the equipment, so such accessories are the most suitable and safe. For example, the weight of Sany's original pump pipes is certain, but the pump pipes of different brands of the same model will be much heavier than Sany's. The installation of such pipes on the pump truck boom will not only affect the construction, but even a small car that has achieved great success over the past 10 years will cause safety accidents, which we must put an end to

when choosing accessories, we should not only compare the price, but also the quality, which is what we often call cost performance. In the past, our mixer has used tires of other brands in the market, but it has been observed that it runs thousands of kilometers less than the tires originally supplied by SANY. Therefore, since 2007, all my accessories have been purchased from Sany. It has been seven years now

in addition, the original models of accessories are complete. If you lack any accessories, you can directly report the model in the document. Sany service engineers will send you to your door, including repair and installation. You don't have to run around for a small part, and you won't delay the construction period because of the problem of accessories. For me, Sany genuine accessories are absolutely the best choice, there is no one

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