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Sany digs the model spectrum to upgrade again! Three super large digs are offline today

Sany digs the model spectrum and upgrades it again! Three super large digs are offline today

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under the background of strict epidemic prevention and scientific rehabilitation, Sany Heavy Machinery super large excavation project, with the full support of the company's leaders, submitted a satisfactory answer sheet to the organization as scheduled

on the morning of May 15, the offline ceremony of three types of super large excavators (sy870h, sy980h and sy1250h) of Sany Heavy Machinery was held in Kunshan Industrial Park

yuhongfu, chairman of Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., said that these three ultra large excavators have improved the Sany spectrum and achieved a technological breakthrough in the field of ultra large excavators

Yuanyue, general manager of Sany Heavy Machinery Marketing Co., Ltd., said: "four sy870h have been sold before they are officially off the production line. Super large excavation has provided new bullets for marketing personnel, and hopes to win the first place in the market share in the field of super large excavation."

caodonghui, President of Sany Heavy Machinery excavation Research Institute, said that since the listing of sy750 and sy950 in 2015, the market share has increased steadily. The offline of three super large excavation products will further enhance our competitiveness in the field of super large excavation. Sy870 is a new product developed on the basis of sy750 to quickly respond to the demand of the 80 ton market, realizing "rapid design, rapid verification and rapid launch"; Sy980 is the upgrade of power system, control system and structural parts on the basis of sy950, realizing the double breakthrough of "reducing fuel consumption and improving efficiency"; Sy1250 adopts a number of advanced technologies, such as the most advanced fully electrically controlled closed core hydraulic system, to create more efficient, energy-saving and intelligent mining equipment

it can prevent the colorant from dissolving or leaching into food. Sy1250h has inherited the quality and technical accumulation of large-scale excavation for many years. It mainly provides new products for earthwork stripping and ore mining and loading development for large-scale open-pit mines and earthwork projects. It has outstanding performance in reliability, fuel consumption, operation efficiency, controllability, safety, intelligence and so on. It is bound to change the situation that China's large excavators of more than 100 tons rely on imports

sy980h is a new generation of mine excavators built by Sany Heavy Machinery in the field of large excavators. It upgrades the power system, control system and hinge points of working devices. The engine with low fuel consumption and fast dynamic response and the full electronic control hydraulic system with high pressure and large flow are adopted. It is mainly aimed at the heavy-duty working conditions of stone, coal, metal and other mines. With the first goal of strong heavy-duty operation capacity and high reliability, through the fine matching control technology, the operating energy consumption is optimized, and the comprehensive energy efficiency is increased by more than 30% compared with the previous generation of products. Relying on the customer's on-site demand analysis, professional technology accumulation and testing methods, sy980h products have achieved double breakthroughs of "improving efficiency and reducing consumption"

sy870h adheres to the product advantages of high efficiency, low fuel consumption and large digging force of the parent machine. It is a new product developed to quickly respond to the needs of customers. It mainly meets the needs of the Xinjiang market for tonnage excavators and Inner Mongolia for large buckets. The bucket capacity, digging force and operation efficiency exceed those of the same tonnage. In the process of traditional product teaching, the development positioning is clear, and "rapid design, rapid verification and rapid listing" are achieved. In May, small batch sales are started, and the fast time is a long time to meet the market demand

Sany excavator products have covered a full range of models from 1.6 tons to 200 tons. All colleagues of Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. will continue to uphold the original intention, 2 forge ahead and contribute a world-class brand to China

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