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On April 23, Xiaonan, executive director of Shenzhen Licheng group, and wuxiaoyong, executive director of Shenzhen Licheng group visited Sany Changsha Industrial Park, Tangxiuguo, President of Sany group, and Chen Guang, vice president and chief architect, received the delegation. During this period, the two sides conducted in-depth discussions on future cooperation and signed the strategic cooperation agreement and the SPCs technical service cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, the two sides will conclude a strategic partnership and work together to develop an intelligent manufacturing era

At the

signing ceremony

symposium, Tang Xiuguo expressed his good expectations for the strategic cooperation between Sany construction and Licheng group, and emphatically introduced the business scope, development track, industry impact and the significance of this signing

discussion between both sides

Sany construction is a platform enterprise supported by three hard intelligence and providing intelligent infrastructure for building ecology. By strengthening manufacturing intelligence, innovative design intelligence and integrated construction intelligence, it develops a building sharing cloud platform that supports the whole life cycle of buildings, creates a shared industrial chain, empowers the five ring ecology of building design, production, construction, development and operation, and realizes network synergy

it is worth mentioning that in 2019, the "SPCs fabricated building structure system" created by SANY construction passed the industry certification and became the Chinese engineering construction standard. The industrial upgrading of the cast-in-place structural system of this system is truly equivalent to the cast-in-place prefabricated technical system, and has unique advantages in quality, cost and delivery time

Tangxiuguo, President of Sany group, said that the strategic layout of Licheng group is highly consistent with the strategic development of Sany construction. The successful signing of this agreement will fully integrate the advantages of both sides, form a long-term common development alliance, continue to expand the cooperation space of both sides, promote the comprehensive development of both sides in the fields of real estate development and design, investment, technology research and development, and achieve win-win cooperation

Xiao Nan, executive director of Licheng group, spoke highly of Sany construction. He said that this time, the two sides will "join hands" to integrate Sany construction technology, platform advantages and Licheng product advantages, realize the integrated development of the whole value chain of prefabricated building development and intelligent manufacturing, jointly create "phenomenon level" brand-new building products facing the future, and form a new ecology of intelligent manufacturing in building development

in the future, Licheng group will give full priority to the use of Sany construction technology system in its prefabricated construction projects. It will also cooperate with more partners to realize the upstream and downstream linkage of the industrial chain, redefine the building, cooperate with developers, design institutes, builders, manufacturers and other parties, reconstruct the business model, and make the world's buildings better, faster and cheaper. In addition to the combustion box and control box, the two sides will also establish the "Sany Licheng prefabricated construction products research institute"

according to the standard requirements for the maintenance of test specimens in the maintenance pool, each maintenance pool only needs to maintain the same type of cement test specimens, Shenzhen Licheng group was jointly founded by xuhongge and Xiaonan, two professional managers who have been deeply involved in the real estate industry for many years, who have placed great hopes on the development of contemporary youth. The company has strong financial strength and an experienced real estate development team, and the enterprise management has many years of experience in prefabricated architectural design, R & D and project management. (this article is from Sany)

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