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Sany full set of equipment helps the major project of the 13th five year plan construction of Wangcheng Avenue expressway, a major project of the 13th five year plan, is another major infrastructure construction project implemented in the central urban area during the 13th Five Year Plan period after the ancient city expressway. The project starts from Luoyang station of Lianyungang Huozhou Expressway in the north and ends at the South Ring Road in the south, It crosses the Longhai Railway and Luohe River, and quickly connects Luobei and Luolong blocks. The construction scope is large and the location is important. It connects with Luoyang Airport, Luoyang railway station, Longmen comprehensive transportation hub and other three major urban hubs. It has attracted wide attention

the Wangcheng expressway project is in line with the idea of "Zhengzhou Luoyang integration". Relying on the comprehensive transportation corridor, it plays an important role in promoting the rational division of labor, functional complementarity and coordinated development of the central urban area of "Zhengzhou Luoyang" and the cities and towns along the corridor, building the network spatial pattern of "one axis, two cores and three areas", building the Zhengzhou Luoyang integration area into an industrial and urban combination area with symbiosis and integration of city and ecology

due to the high construction requirements, tight construction period and complex geological structure of the project, the Municipal Urban Construction Bureau, the constructor and the supervisor are particularly cautious and strict in the selection of construction machinery. After multiple inspections of equipment at home and abroad, the construction party finally selected Sany's pavement machinery, concrete pump truck, mixer and other equipment as the main force of the project construction

in order to carry such a large customer group, many Sany pavement machinery and equipment participated in the construction of the expressway section. Due to the tight construction period of the project, and the operators are not familiar with the operation of Sany's new C8 pavement machinery and equipment, the construction progress once slowed down. Faced with such a situation, the service engineers in western Henan immediately decided to eat and live with the workers. At the same time, they gave hands-on instruction to the operators, which fully demonstrated the high-quality service of Sany and the experience of computer console

during the first construction of some Sany road machinery products involved in the project construction, due to the improper construction method of the operator, when a C8 paver was changing the site for oil surface construction, the surface elevation difference and the leveling response were not sensitive. At this time, the service engineer happened to be elsewhere to deal with the problem for the customer

after receiving the message, Sany service engineers drove more than 300 kilometers to the site to adjust the height difference of the equipment and deal with the stuck leveling fault, and analyzed the operation problems for the customers in detail. The problem was successfully solved, and the customer also highly affirmed Sany's service. The senior management of the group said that they would continue to purchase Sany grader, straight plate paver and single steel wheel equipment

on February 26, 2019, the water stable layer was pre paved in the test section of the project, with a thickness of 28cm. Several pavement equipment were paved at the same time. Leaders of municipal urban construction, construction party, supervision party, Luoyang media and other leaders jointly witnessed the unique charm of Sany pavement machinery and equipment under the new era and new technology

Sany has always adhered to the concept of "quality changes the world" in addition to making marathon drinks. The new generation C8 equipment of Sany participating in the construction has been tested in advance, and all indicators and technical parameters are completely consistent with the mechanical performance, minimizing the wear and tear of the machine and its own loss. Sany C8 pavement machinery has achieved the requirements of construction equipment with optimal power and configuration, greatly improved the reliability and stability of the machinery, and provided better choices for Chinese pavement machinery users, which is also the embodiment of Sany's core competitiveness

during the construction of the project, Sany pumping equipment also performed well. At the bid section of Wangcheng Avenue and Longhai Road overpass, 5000m3 of concrete needs to be pumped and poured continuously at one time. The grade of pumped concrete reaches C50. Due to the high pumping resistance, high pressure and high difficulty factor, the equipment needs to run around the clock, which greatly tests the stability of the concrete pump truck equipment, However, these difficulties have been overcome by SANY pumping equipment one by one

on the evening of May 15, three pump trucks produced by Sany Heavy industry entered the site to start the concrete pouring of elevated bridge deck box, and nine Sany 312 mixer trucks continuously transported concrete to the site

the service team set up by Lingfeng, the regional manager of western Henan, is stationed at the site to do the pouring guidance and service support work, ensure the construction process, and provide customers with 24-hour uninterrupted and zero distance services. The service team will live and eat with the customer on site for three days and three nights until the pouring of the bid section is completed by the customer's equipment. Customers are moved by SANY's service spirit, praise Sany's equipment and after-sales service, and trust Sany more. In the future, Sany will continue to help key projects in the 13th five year plan

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