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Sany Brazil trade show sold 150million yuan in 5 days

Guide: in Latin America M amp; During the five days of T exhibition, Sao Paulo, the largest city in Brazil, warmly welcomed visitors from all over the world and witnessed the participation of 434 Brazilian domestic and foreign enterprises. In this exhibition, which was regarded as the world cup of engineering equipment by machinery manufacturers, Sany Brazil won a good situation: the sales volume exceeded 125 sets

during the five days of Latin America M & T exhibition, Sao Paulo, the largest city in Brazil, warmly welcomed visitors from all over the world and witnessed the participation of 434 Brazilian domestic and foreign enterprises. In this exhibition, which was regarded as the "World Cup" of engineering equipment by machinery manufacturers, Sany Brazil won a good game: the sales volume exceeded 125 sets of equipment, and the turnover was about 150million yuan. At the same time, the exhibition also greatly boosted the morale of employees and agents

in this exhibition, Sany received more than 6000 customers in total, signed sales orders for 125 equipment, and the order amount reached 150million yuan

in order to reflect Chinese characteristics, Sany has prepared a brass gong with a diameter of 1.5m and a weight of 30kg. Every time they sign an order, the customers who sign the order happily sound the Gong, because they think that the gong sound can bring good luck to themselves

after purchasing a sy215 excavator, director Joao Carlos terribele of macaleste company sounded the gong on the booth, marking that Sany completed another product sale. Terribele, who has been engaged in the construction machinery industry since 1974, said: "from the very beginning, I have made a conclusion: the reason why I chose Sany equipment is that it is simple to operate, efficient, durable and low maintenance cost. On the one hand, the gong sounded at the exhibition is to show my choice, on the other hand, it is to highlight the Chinese characteristics of Sany."

a customer rings a gong after signing an order

the Gong is hung at the entrance of the Sany booth, with a text introduction about the origin of the gong and the sound of nature attached to it. This brass gong was brought directly from China to Brazil, hoping to bring good luck to every customer who buys Sany new equipment. The sound of the Gong can reach the other end of the exhibition through the microphone, which also attracted many people to the Sany booth to watch this new thing

another customer who sounded the Gong was empremon from Brasilia, who purchased a 220 ton crane. This is the fifth Sany product purchased by this enterprise. This equipment will be used for industrial hoisting and hoisting of precast concrete modules

yuanjinhua, chairman of Sany Brazil, took a group photo with the customer

Manuel Adorno, the legal person of the enterprise, said that Sany and empremon have been working together since they purchased the first equipment. "All along, we have received comprehensive after-sales support, with rapid response and high efficiency, ensuring the smooth construction of the machine." Manuel Adorno said

Elton Lima, sales manager of crawler crane, rotary drill and port machinery, also said that Sany products are welcomed by customers, and quality is the key factor: "our excellent equipment and services have reached the first-class level in the industry."

key customers come uninvited

how to define whether Sany is successful in Brazil? There is only one standard, that is, Sany equipment is widely used by major customers in Brazil using computer programming technology. Key customer procurement is an indicator of the influence of a brand with a high degree of automation in Brazil. At present, Sany cranes have been widely used by key customers in Brazil, while other products are gradually accepted by key customers

on May 29, several big customers came to the VIP cocktail party, one of which was the largest consortium in Amazon. The consortium controlled many ports in the Amazon River, and there were more than 40 front cranes alone. According to Elton, the sales manager of Sany Hong Kong Machinery Co., Ltd., they tried to meet with the person in charge of the company for many times, but failed to do so. Unexpectedly, they would come uninvited today. Elton also said that tonight is destined to be my sleepless night, because after two hours of in-depth negotiation, I seem to see the prosperity of Sany port machinery construction on the ports and wharves along the Amazon River

employees' pride doubled

in the eyes of local employees of Sany Brazil, Sany Brazil still lags behind the industry benchmark. During the MT exhibition, this concept seems to have begun to change dramatically

Sany Brazil will send 20 excellent employees to participate in the exhibition every day. Many people said "Trinity is great" after the visit. Vanessa from the human resources department even tugged at her colleagues' hands and said, I am so moved that I am about to cry

after 9:00 p.m. every day, the sales personnel who are negotiating business forget their fatigue; The staff who are waiting to see off customers are still laughing heartily, although they are already tired. Their laughter comes from the customers' confidence in Sany. They strongly feel that the customers have taken Sany seriously

high morale of agents

in this month, the terminal sales pressure of Sany yellow line (excavator/road machine) agents was great. During this exhibition, the total number of yellow line agents signed orders reached nearly 100. Every agent is smiling

valor global, an agent in Sao Paulo, sold 41 sets of equipment during the exhibition. Alenilson, its general manager, said many times: "thanks to Sany, this year we will become a dark horse in the market." The southern agent extreme Sul sold 15 sets of equipment this time. Paulo, its general manager, said that extreme Sul's sales performance this year was poor and the morale of the sales team was low. However, after a few days of exhibition, we not only sold 15 sets of equipment, but also generated many intentions. Dr. Xinyu, the technical director of the R & D center and the chief engineer teacher of Guangzhou Jinfa carbon fiber new material development Co., Ltd., said that customers. After feeling the customer's confidence in Sany, the sales team is now in high morale and believes that extreme Sul will become the best agent of Sany

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