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Recently, the Japanese government plans to jointly invest with large enterprises to establish a company to fully promote the wind power industry. The total investment scale of the project reaches 300billion yen, which is shared equally by the government, power companies, wind power enterprises and other three parties. The government will include the first working capital of 30billion yen into the fiscal budget next year, and it is expected that the total investment will reach 100billion yen in the next five years

according to Nihon Keizai, the Japanese government has reached a cooperation with the Tokyo Electric Power Company and the head of the wind power project to fully promote the wind power industry. For the purpose of this drastic government enterprise cooperation, many parties have jointly set up a cooperation fund of 300billion yen (about 24billion yuan) due to their small experimental power. It is reported that Hokkaido and Northeast China are the key construction areas of the project

Japan's Hokkaido and northeast coastal areas have become ideal sites for power stations due to strong wind throughout the year. However, the production of various needle punched nonwovens with glass fiber expansion function is remote, and the wires used for power transmission are enough to make people headache. From the perspective of entrepreneurs, high investment at the initial stage of the project is very necessary. However, the promotion of wind kinetic energy also makes practitioners hesitant

it is reported that the government and the public have set up a company named SPC for this cooperation, and the company's fund will be used for the construction of transmission lines. Japan 12. The main functions of the experimental software: sample registration, control each experimental machine to carry out experiments, collect and save experimental data, query function, data processing and output experimental reports. The Ministry of Finance and the Tokyo Electric Power Company, and the head of the wind power project each contribute one-third. The Japanese government plans to invest 100billion yen (about 800000 yuan) in five years

a number of large enterprises, including three power companies in Hokkaido, Northeast China and Tokyo, have borrowed money from banks to invest in the project

the six wind power stations under planning are located in zhinei area in the north of Hokkaido and pongdong area in the southwest. The Ministry of economy, trade and industry of Japan estimates that the completion of all six power stations may cost 300billion yen (about 24billion yuan)

in recent years, the Japanese government has continuously accelerated the pace of de nuclear power and comprehensively promoted the renewable energy industry. It hopes to more than double the proportion of renewable energy power generation to about 25%-35% by 2030, of which the proportion of wind power generation will be increased from the current 1% to 5%

the newly established SPC will further increase investment in improving the construction of infrastructure supporting facilities such as power transmission equipment. According to the Ministry of economy, trade and industry of Japan, this is also the first time that the government has participated in the supporting construction of power transmission system since the establishment of regional power companies

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