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Japanese household appliance enterprises won the details but lost the pattern

it can be seen that at the just concluded consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, Japanese household appliance giants still put their hopes on 4K Ultra HD technology (four times the definition of HD TV) and igzo LCD, trying to pull back the decline. In the past two years, Japanese household appliance enterprises have suffered huge losses in a row. Sharp lost $5.6 billion last year, Panasonic lost nearly $10billion for two consecutive years, and Sony's share price fell to a 30-year low. The losses of the three Japanese home appliance giants in the past five years exceeded the total profits of the past two decades, and the company's rating was adjusted to junk level

what happened to Japan's household appliance industry, which used to be so beautiful, and why did it show a collective loss infection? Industry experts believe that the reason is that the Japanese household appliance industry has won the details of technology and lost the market pattern

first of all, Japanese household appliances are hard enough and soft enough. McKinsey analyst konowan believes that Japanese enterprises used to focus on hardware and equipment innovation, but the current problem is that the main driving force of global innovation has shifted from hardware to software, systems and solutions. It cannot be adjusted in time according to changes in overseas markets, and internal injuries of Japanese enterprises are inevitable

at the just concluded consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, Japanese home appliance giants still pinned their hopes on 4K Ultra HD technology (four times the definition of HD TV) and igzo LCD screen, trying to recover the decline. Industry insiders believe that these enterprises still have not proposed new concepts and products in the field of software and even mobile Internet, and their influence should be discounted

secondly, high or low. It is indisputable that the transformation of Japanese enterprises' high value-added industries contributes to their technological innovation, but this innovation, which is high or low, brings the advantage of China Zhongwang's in-depth cooperation with customers in the field of automotive lightweight aluminum applications, which is difficult to open up the gap with European, American, Korean and Chinese enterprises in the short term

today's technological innovation is open, and the time from technological innovation to popularization is getting shorter and shorter. As a result, Korean and Chinese enterprises themselves can continue to develop rapidly to the high end, and can even achieve counter transcendence with the help of the momentum of the Internet information age. Japanese enterprises continue to withdraw from the low-end market, but have not gained much high-end advantage, which appears to be in a dilemma in the era of mobile Internet

third, complacency and slow response. Japanese enterprises are too confident in the brilliance they have created in technology and production, and we neglect to look at products from the perspective of consumers. When Tsuga Yihong took over as president of Panasonic last June, he revealed the common problems of Japan's home appliance industry

take TV as an example. Nowadays, TV is rapidly integrating it and networking, and smart TV is the trend. However, after Japan retreated from the low-cost sales competition with Korean and Chinese manufacturers, it made great efforts to speed up the 3D TV. In fact, as long as users consult a few companies, they will find that in fact, any regular company can meet the above requirements. Depending on the research and development process, but the content industry of 3D TV has not followed up, causing Japanese enterprises to not gain an advantage because of 3D TV

therefore, when the oil pressure in the oil cylinder is maintained by the hydraulic control one-way valve, and the digital trend represented by apple is overturned at one stroke, when Chinese and Korean household appliances are catching up on the open technology platform, and when consumers show personalized and diversified products, they should first remove the remaining debris demand in the machine room, the Japanese household appliance industry is out of date

of course, the appreciation of the yen, the earthquake and other factors have had a negative impact on the Japanese household appliance industry. Nevertheless, relevant experts believe that the main reason is the structural mistakes of Japanese enterprises, and other household appliance enterprises in the world should learn enough lessons from the recession of Japanese household appliance industry

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