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Japanese JSP produces polypropylene foam raw materials in Taiwan

Taiwan subsidiary of Japanese JSP Taibao resin company recently began to mass produce polypropylene foam raw materials, thus becoming the first company in Taiwan to produce this product

at present, the products produced by Taibao company include 108 polypropylene foam raw materials, polypropylene foam flat plates and polypropylene foam shaped products, which have been mentioned in the construction of ecological civilization with Chinese characteristics

polypropylene foam products are widely used in various industries, such as liquid crystal glass carrying cases in the optoelectronics industry, packaging cushioning materials for high-precision sensor parts in the electronics industry, bumper bars in the automotive industry, etc. Polypropylene foamed materials are superior to foamed polyethylene, foamed polystyrene, foam and other materials in impact resistance, drug resistance, and the flame retardancy of the electronic tensile testing machine tested by sensors. They are recyclable and conducive to environmental protection

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