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Japan igus launched resin ball bearing "xiros" series

Japan igus company (Headquarters: Tokyo) launched new products of resin ball bearing "xiros" series "xirosd180" and "xirosf180". Therefore, waste plastic particle treatment will become a hot topic in the future ". D180 and improve the wear resistance to 4 times of the existing standard products. F180 achieves electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection characteristics by using conductive materials

xiros series previously had three products, namely "xirosa500" which can be used in high temperature environment up to 150 ℃, xirosb180 "which can be widely used in standard environment, and" xirosc160 "which has excellent chemical corrosion resistance. This time, by adding two new products, the total number of products in the whole series reached five. In addition to the increase in varieties, size types are also increasing. At present, the product line of this series has more than 100 products of different types, sizes and shapes

the wear resistance of xirosd180 is 4 times that of xirosb180. The inner wheel and outer wheel use the resin independently developed by igus, the cage uses polyamide (PA), and the rolling element uses glass or stainless steel. The upper limit of usable ambient temperature is 80 ℃

xirosf180 uses conductive resin as the material of inner and outer wheels, and the rolling element uses stainless steel. It can be used in the environment of - 50 ℃ ~ +80 ℃. It is mainly used for semiconductors. Zhou Shaoxiong believes that some problems accumulated in China's paper industry in the golden decade (2000 (2) 2010) have begun to erupt intensively and the glass industry

xirosd180 is priced at 2600 yen (about 196 yuan, (5) the spring fatigue testing machine is simple to operate without tax), and xirosf180 is priced at 3470 yen (about 262 yuan, excluding tax)

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