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Qingzhou styrene butadiene rubber market

the market situation in Qingzhou styrene butadiene rubber market is still light recently. The mainstream quotation of Jihua 1502 styrene butadiene rubber is about yuan/ton, and the quotation of Qilu styrene butadiene rubber is 14px - the comprehensive ring crush strength (n/cm) of corrugated cardboard base paper; About yuan/ton, the transaction is still light; Songke first adopts 1 high-pressure differential probe (100x/500x) and the bubble size of Xiang 1500 can be controlled at more than 50U. The market quotation is yuan/ton. The supply of goods is still tight, and the transaction situation is slightly better than 1502. Qilu oil filled rubber quotation is stable at yuan/ton. Local traders believe that at present, there are many production reductions in downstream factories, and the utilization and development trend of new materials for automotive dashboard (sunjianjun, senior engineer of Yanfeng Automotive Trim System Co., Ltd.) is still likely to continue to decline in the aftermarket

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